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Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the
world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

Pioneers of non-formal education

Our Vision

World united by shared values of peace, understanding and respecting the differences as well as human rights of each living being.

29 Oct

Coming Soon: The Global Education Week 2021!

The Global Education Week is an initiative promoted by the European Union and the Council of Europe to raise awareness of young people about the importance of global education to become critical global citizens.

29 Oct

Ireli: “Increasing Political Literacy of Youth” Project and Working Groups Vol.2

Ireli Public Union is organizing the “Increasing Political Literacy of Youth” project. The main goal of the project is to increase the knowledge of Azerbaijani youth on public policy and to form an internationally competitive youth.

29 Oct

New APY Members and “Diverse an Inclusive Youth Work for All” Training Course

After successfully finishing our annual Membership Ceremony, we kicked off the training course ‘Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work for All’, or simply the DIY.

29 Oct

Communities Driving Change – Launching Event: giving voice to the citizens

Communities Driving Change is now reality! The first meeting of the program took place at the Balkan Heart complex, on September 29th 2021, opening the cycle of dialogue and democratic mobilization of the citizens.

29 Oct

Evening Eco walk #6 was held: Teslić

Our 6th ECO-walk has been a very successful initiative! The walk was organized by the Agency for Development and Cooperation CEREBRA Banja Luka, in partnership with the host Youth Club Teslić. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, we gathered 11 participants who worked together to clean up the area of ​​Teslić.

29 Oct

Digital Literacy courses at IUS

In July 2021, the NGO “IUS” began to conduct courses on computer literacy and smartphone use for visually impaired persons.

29 Oct

Youth Policies at stake in Kumanovo

On 13.10.2021 in the Zanaetchiski dom – Kumanovo a discussion on topic “How much the needs of the young people in Kumanovo are incorporated in the programs for the local elections 2021?” was held. The setting of the discussion was in the form of a morning coffee with the candidates for Mayors of the Municipality of Kumanovo in the upcoming local elections.

29 Oct

“Islandism”: the Youth Exchange of islands’ beating heart

From August 23rd to September 1st, 2021 YEU Cyprus brought together 34 young people from 4 different islands to introduce and discuss their islands’ traditions under the youth exchange titled ‘Islandism’. Islandism was a project designed in an effort to highlight traditions of various islands which are in danger of being forgotten due to the islands’ small size and remote location.

29 Oct

KID_ACTIONS European Policy, Research and Practitioners Forum

The KID_ACTIONS Project is holding the first European Policy, Research and Practitioners Forum between the 29th and 30th of November 2021.

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