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Our Mission

Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the
world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

Pioneers of non-formal education

Our Vision

World united by shared values of peace, understanding and respecting the differences as well as human rights of each living being.

29 Apr

YEU PET Meeting 2021

Our first PET (People for Education and Training) meeting for 2021 successfully took place during April 21-22nd (15-18h CET) on Zoom with the help of MIRO and Jamboard.

29 Apr

Nami Isaki re-elected for the Advisory Council on Youth

Our vice-president Nami Isaki has been elected for the mandate of Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ) 2021-2022!

29 Apr

New faces in the YEU Office

YEU International has two new Projects Assistant Interns, Rita Marques and Maya Tenoshvili, expanding virtually our Brussels Office to Portugal and Greece. 

29 Apr

YEU Intervention at the Youth Working Party of the Council of the European Union

On Friday 16th April, our Outreach & Projects Officer Ismael Paez Civico represented YEU International at the Youth Working Party meeting at the Council of the European Union giving testimony, experiences and a general view on youth participation in democratic processes.

29 Apr

Boost, Empower and Teach Against Gambling virtual youth exchange – YEU Cyprus

Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus (YEU Cyprus) brought together 31 young people from 6
countries through a virtual youth exchange, setting this way a foundation on implementing youth
mobilities of this nature using digital platforms.

29 Apr

United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B) – April Activities

In the context of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “BRIDGES”, United Societies of Balkans (USB) organises weekly online workout classes for migrants in Thessaloniki. The class consists of 40 minutes of physical activity for beginners, based on correct form and functional movements, such as squats, planche, burpees and more.

29 Apr

Distance learning courses for people with disabilities “IUS IT Network”

In October 2016, Institute of Ukrainian Studies launched a project of distance learning courses for people with disabilities, which is implementing in Ukraine – “IUS IT Network”. Learning takes place online, which is convenient, safe, and accessible.

29 Apr

Club Culturel Ali Belhouane – Relive Our Roots II – the potters of Sejnen, actors of territorial change

After the execution of the project “Relive Our Roots” during its first phase in 2017, the women involved in this project (30 selected potters + 32 potters who joined the group spontaneously) as well as their families (mainly young girls), after having noticed a considerable socio-economic and cultural impact, wanted to continue working with our association and design a follow-up to the first project.

29 Apr

Women in Tech

Ireli Public Union is implementing the “All digital month” project from March 25 to April 25. Last year, this project was held for the first time, more than 300 young people participated in more than 10 trainings.

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