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Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the
world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

Pioneers of non-formal education

Our Vision

World united by shared values of peace, understanding and respecting the differences as well as human rights of each living being.

31 May

KidActions Focus Group: The importance of youth involvement

The KidActions project intends to respond to the problem of cyberbullying by raising awareness of this issue and creating pedagogical games designed to empower young people to recognize and respond to cyberbullying. In order to achieve these goals, two focus groups were organized as part of the research methodology of the project.

31 May

Youth in the heart of European decision making

From 7th to 9th of May, together, Young People from different international youth organisations gathered to exchange views and ideas of how to empower and promote young peoples’ role in decision making on a European level.

31 May

YEU Strategic plan 2022-2025

The time has come for all of us to see where we want to steer our network in the upcoming years and on what topics we should focus on in our line of work as a YEU family.

26 May

Theater Of The Third Age

Theater of the Third Age is a project of the NGO “IUS”, which unites women and men without proper theatrical education and experience playing on stage, but who are interested in theater.

25 May

Ireli Radio

Youth Radio Ireli Radio was established in 2015 by Ireli Public Union. The main aims of this radio is to bring talented young people to the forefront, to give visual experience to young people studying in the field of media and journalism, to increase their reporting skills…

21 May

Volunteers participate in clean up activity at the Axios Delta National Park

United Societies of Balkans worked together with the National Park to organize a cleaning up activity, since the area is constantly surrounded by dirt and trash that comes from the rivers around it.

20 May

Solijugend News

Last week Solijugend was present at the German Child and Youth Day (DJHT) 2021 with a digital stand and the event “Live Learning – A way to Europe for everyone! International exchange for young people with special needs”.

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