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Administrative Office

Vladimir Mitrovic

Honorary Secretary General 1982 - 2022

Tenna Sørensen

Fundraising & Project OFFICER

Chiara Veronese

Membership and Communication Officer

Emeline Dandeu


Meet Emeline – our new volunteer at YEU

Being born and raised next to Paris, Emeline studied in the West of France at Nantes University. She got a Master degree in international human rights. During her studies, she volunteered as an advocacy officer in the think tank GROW (Generation for rights over the world).

This experience has confirmed her interest in defending human rights. This experience also introduced her to the advocacy field.Into YEU she will support the advocacy work. It’s his first experience abroad but not the last. Interested by other cultures, she loves travelling and meeting people from all over the world. Besides, she loves sport and has practised rock climbing for several years.

She has particular interest concerning the migratory challenges. The last year of her study she specialised in the violation of migrants’ human rights in North Africa. True believer of our capacity to live all together, she wants to commit to a project which matters and has positive impacts on people around.

Being involved in the empowerment of young people seems to be the perfect opportunity to learn and start to do her part.

Emeline feels honoured to be part of YEU’s projects and excited about this experience.

Coming from a small village between Nice and Marseille in the south of France, Camille has been living in Brussels for 3 years. He had a bachelor degree in Communication science and journalism.

He loves to travel and discover other people from different cultures. During his scholarship he did a lot of linguistics exchanges, and met a lot of young people from all around Europe. That is why he is happy to be part of YEU as a volunteer. He speaks French, English and a bit of German.

He loves sport and has practised athletics for several years.

Living in Brussels has opened up many opportunities for Camille, who is a press officer for a youth association called “Parlement Jeunesse”, a parliamentary simulation for young people in Belgium. He also worked for independent radio in Brussels where he talked on cultural programs about cinema.

Camille is committed to climate change because it affects him and young people around the world. He is eager to get involved in YEU’s projects and find out what experience will bring him.

Irene Gonzales

Project Assistant

Irene Gonzales is the newest arrival in the YEU family in the capacity of Project Assistant. 

She was born and raised in the South of Italy. After achieving her school diploma she moved to  Milan to successfully complete a Master’s degree in ‘European and International policies’ and had her firsts working experiences in the Nonprofit Sector. 

During her studies she found out Youth-led activism, her commitment in local and national campaigns increased her interest in social and political issues as well as get her to achieve knowledge and skills in the Community Organizing, Campaigning and Advocacy field. Studying classic ballet for 12 years made her a determined, passionate and goal-oriented person. 

She trusts in the power of care, empathic communication and active listening. She stands for empowerment of minorities and dismantling barriers and discriminations related to gender, economic, racial and social status.  

Thanks to her numerous volunteering experiences in Greece, France and Croatia  she met people and cultures from different countries,left her comfort zone and enriched her cultural heritage. 

Chiara Veronese

Membership and Communication Officer

Chiara, a 25-year-old from Italy, holds a Master’s degree in Comparative International Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Language, Civilization and the Science of Language from the University of Venice. Fluent in English and Russian, with a fair command of French, she boasts a solid foundation in international relations, languages and cross-cultural understanding.

Chiara’s academic and professional journey is a testament to her multicultural perspective. Her path includes an internship at the Italian Embassy in Tashkent, at the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Ukraine and at the Veneto Region office in Brussels. Having lived in various countries since the age of 16, she has cultivated a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, ways of life, and modes of thinking. Chiara’s multicultural background not only broadens her horizons but also infuses her work with a unique and inclusive perspective.

Chiara is looking forward to contributing her expertise and enthusiasm to YEU International and is honored to be part of it.

Sabine Hoffmann

Finance and HR Officer

Sabine is Finance and HR Officer since May 2021. She is from Germany and has always been curious about other cultures and languages. Based on studies of International Business Administration she worked in Finance and Accounting for British International Groups before coming to Brussels and entering the European NGO world. Sabine speaks German, English, French, Dutch and Russian. For her it is important to believe in peace, understanding and cooperation between people and in human rights and to live these values oneself. In her private time she takes care of her cats and likes organizing outdoor activities for expats.

Beyza Alabay

Project Assistant

Born in 1996 in Ankara, Türkiye and raised in different cities/towns in the North, Aegean and Eastern parts of Türkiye, she has been a young professional and a passionate ‘Bruxelloise’ since 2018.

She is a sedulous, self-driven, meticulous and goal-oriented real team player with a “can do” mentality. Her persistently diverse interest for life-long learning and the interactions with different sectors and global affairs have motivated her to undertake various projects, visit and live abroad even more.

Beyza has successfully completed a bachelor’s degree ‘Political Science: International Relations’ at Ankara University (2019) and a specialization master’s degree ‘International Relations: Security, Peace and Conflict’ (2022) at Free University of Brussels. During her studies, she held active roles at different NGOs/International Organisations on Latin America, Business and Industry, Interoperability and Defence and European Affairs for different countries in order to have a wider understanding of the world. She also took the initiative to do a ‘45 day Interrail Project’ in summer 2015, observing the general life conditions and challenges faced by the emigrating Syrian people at that time.

She loves trying different things and is curious to strengthen her dancing skills in Tango. She is a passionate scenario writer, Bach-lover, a horse-trainer and a foodie! She stands for human rights and freedom of choice. Above all, child safety is a vital priority in her life.

Tenna Sørensen

Fundraising & Project Assistan

Meet Tenna – Fundraising and Project Officer at YEU.
Being born and raised in the countryside to a small town in Denmark, she highly appreciates the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ – and is definitely not afraid of Brussels’ weather.
Tenna has completed both of her studies – a bachelor degree in Business, Language and Culture and a master’s degree in Cultural Sociology – at the University of Southern Denmark and is knowledgeable on issues such as intercultural relations, inclusion and social transformation processes. She believes in diversity as the most focal prerequisite for social change and her main interests revolve around topics such as intercultural dialogue, international solidarity and human rights.
Thanks to her inborn curiosity and various experiences abroad, Tenna has become a citizen of the world and fallen in love with its cultures and people: a semester abroad on the Gold Coast, Australia; internship with an art and culture organization in Ramallah, West Bank; short-term volunteering activities in Uganda and Rwanda and not least one year working with non-formal education in Rome, Italy.
Through civil society experiences, Tenna is experienced in fundraising, networking and working with projects for marginalized children and youth through art, non-formal education and sport.

Vladimir Mitrovic

Honorary Secretary General 1982 - 2022

Vladimir journey through YEU universe started back in the 2007. He was an international coordinator on behalf of Resource centre Leskovac, a member of PET since its inception and one of the coordinators in the previous mandate responsible for the organizational development of YEU and its members. Vladimir is a highly skilled project & event manager within a nonprofit sector with 10+ years of experience in developing and implementing projects related to a rights-based approach, participation, local community development and social entrepreneurship. Was an elected member of the local parliament in Leskovac, Serbia and is experienced in political campaigns and advocacy initiatives. As a true activist, Vladimir has a strong sense of devotion towards nonprofits which he sees as a generator of positive changes and ideas for the local community in any aspect of its development. Passionate motorcyclist and animal rights fighter!

Selin Gürlemez

Secretary General

Selin Gürlemez has been Secretary General of YEU International since February 2022, and before that, she was the Vice-President of YEU in the period of 2018-2022.

Selin is a feminist activist who has been volunteering locally and internationally with TOG-Community Volunteers Foundation (YEU Member Organisation in Türkiye) since 2011 to empower young people to support social cohesion.

She has been working in youth programs at Bodrum Dance Club – Youth Culture and Art Center (BDK) in Bodrum, Türkiye for 3 years and also worked as a trainer at a science-oriented center for children and youth(Fikir Değirmeni) in Istanbul.

She has her bachelor’s in International Relations and Masters in Women’s Studies at Istanbul University. In 2021 and 2022, she gave a lecture at the Humboldt University of Berlin on the topic of “Feminist Movements in Turkey – from the Ottoman Empire till today”.
She believes in sisterhood, change, equality and diversity for all. She is interested in traveling, blogging, learning new languages, prose writing, getting to know more people and cultures and discovering a new world!

Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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