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LLLP General Assembly 2023 – Girona, Spain

LLLP General Assembly 2023 – Girona, Spain


In the last week of June 2023, YEU’s Fundraising and Project Officer, Tenna Sørensen Jochumsen, attended the Annual General Assembly of Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) hosted at the University of Girona in Girona, Spain. 


The General Assembly lasted two days and offered a rich programme for the delegates of LLLP member organisations including YEU. The first day was dedicated to updates on and adoptions of multiple documents including LLLP’s activity, moral and financial reports. More than that, the first day included the presentations and elections of candidates running for the positions as President and four open positions as members of the LLLP Steering Committee. Also two new member organisations were welcomed to the network. 


The second day of the LLLP General Assembly 2023 focused on future perspectives with a forward looking discussion and consultation focused on membership survey results, advocacy strategies and financial sustainability including participatory discussion around LLLP’s membership fee and potential adaptations. 


Both days provided great and valuable insight into the network and its activities as well as offered inspiring moments for YEU to meet and network with other members from diverse backgrounds and sectors within the educational field. 


We were happy to be there and hope to join more LLLP activities soon! 



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