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Banja Luka has Cerebra in the times of COViD-19

“COFFEE WITH…” / online discussion with foreign ambassadors

Some of our main activities during April were “Coffee with…”, which is an online discussion space and platform of dialogue with foreign ambassadors and head of international missions in our country that aims to promote open discussion and gives a chance to understand international relations from first hand – people that are in important positions and possess knowledge and experience in the topics.

Our first “Coffee with…” was with H.E. Nicola Minasi, the ambassador of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next guests were: H.E. Ulrike Hartmann, the ambassador of Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peter Van der Auweraert, head of Mission of International  Organization for Migrations – IOM in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Regional Coordinator for Western Balkans, and H.E. Andrea Rauber Saxer, the ambassador of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During a one hour talk with the ambassadors, participants had an opportunity to find out how it’s like to be an ambassador, also which are the current activities of the embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, having in mind the current epidemiologic situation and global pandemic, and how their countries handle the crisis. All “Coffees with…” were organized using Zoom in the second half of April, from April 14 to April 24.

“We designed this series of events with hope that other young people will understand how easy it can be to reach each out to others nowadays. We are all affected with the current situation and there is no better way of keeping a positive attitude than talking to each other and learning something new. In this way we are actually promoting freedom of speech, creating a platform, space of communication and possible future cooperation, bringing our guests to each of the participants’ home imagining or having a real cup of coffee that goes perfectly with listening and talking… This event is still going, we are expecting some new guest speakers and as it is held in English, this is a regional, European and worldwide platform… Be free to join us!” – Miloš Kovačević, member of Governing Board of Cerebra.


APRIL 22 – THE DAY OF CITY OF BANJA LUKA / BLoading – online week of marking this date. Regarding April 22nd The Day of the City of Banja Luka, we organised, in the period from 21st to 25th of April 2020. – „BLoading“ an  online week of marking this date with a range of activities and events. Marking this day was started with an online campaign called „Banja Luka loves you – 75 reasons for happiness and pride“ – as part of which they were publishing online postcards with pictures of our city.

Next activities were „Coffee with…“ with our city major, Igor Radojičić, where we had an opportunity to talk about the current situation in Banja Luka, and how the local government is handling the Covid-19 situation.

The next activity was prize competition and competing for the selection of the most beautiful and original birthday card to Banja Luka for its day, and for the best participants, symbolic gifts were handed.

On the third day of “BLoading“, online panel discussion “Banja Luka yesterday, today, tomorrow“ was held with two amazing guests, Mladen Šukalo, expert in tourism and Robert Dacešin, blogger and travel writer. Through two live discussions on their Instagram profile they talked about the city, as it used to be, as it is today and how we should imagine it in the future. The panel discussion was moderated by our members Nataša Gavur and Brankica Smiljanić.

As a closing activity within BLoading, an online quiz on knowledge of the city was organised, its history, culture, tradition, heritage, nature, society and so on. The quiz was organized using Zoom and an Instagram profile.

“At this time of the year, Banja Luka is special. Nature wakes up from a winter dream and puts on the city the most beautiful green suit that adorns it for the upcoming months. The streets call us, suddenly the river is heard, the murmur of love through the streets of the beauty of the region. Enjoying the contents of the “Spring in Banja Luka”, celebrating the City Day, Easter… Deprived of all this because of Covid-19, we managed to maintain a level of optimism and, albeit modestly, to create an atmosphere of celebration that we all enjoyed together in the previous days.” – Miloš Blagojević, president of the Governing Board of CEREBRA.


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