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Brave New YOU

The “Brave New YOU” project tackles the issues caused by the lack of participation of disadvantaged and less represented groups in communities around Europe. Through a process of capacity building in local and international activities, youth workers and youth organisations will develop competencies for reaching out to disadvantaged youngsters and communities.  It will empower disadvantaged young people to be community leaders, to identify and deconstruct hateful narratives, and build more inclusive narratives for their communities. This one-year project consisted of 3 international activities, local research on hateful narratives, online campaigns and in the final stage this publication.

The goal of the project was to break glass ceilings, empower disadvantaged young people to be important actors in society and dismantle the structures that impede them in participating in those same structures that prevent them from doing so. The emphasis on the YOU in the project is crucial. The individuals need to possess the necessary and relevant tools to act as independent individuals.

Now in 2020, a follow-up of this same project is taking place, now called “Brave New YOU Reloaded”. This time, ten countries are tackling hateful narratives all around Europe, being represented respectively by the following organisations: YEU (Belgium), MOJU (Portugal), AAIT, ADEL (Slovakia), CGE ERFURT (Germany), USB (Greece), CID (North Macedonia), OBESSU (Belgium), MC Bit (Slovenia), SAUGA ANK (Estonia) and FRYSHUSET (Sweden).




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