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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Training on digital gamification with dissemination event

Venue: online

Start: 01/03/2021

End: 12/03/2021

Deadline: 15/02/2021 23:59 CET

Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) is looking for 30 youth workers/youth leaders to participate in the online training on digital gamification. It consists of four days of training and two days of dissemination events.

Aim of the training and the dissemination event

The main aims of the training of Youth Workers on Digital Gamification are:

To build competences of youth workers on how they can use online games within youth work processes;
To learn about other examples of gamification used in youth work or work with young people in general;
To promote and disseminate the games created by YEU.

This training will end with a set of action plans that the participants will implement afterwards, as their digital youth work curricula for human rights education. Within the action plans the idea is to use the online digital games created with the project, in combination with different elements, to implement an educational process. This will have outcomes focusing on two dimensions.
Firstly, it will support the youth workers to further build their competences and provide space for them to practice what they learned through the training for youth workers. The second aspect is to have a multiplier effect, as the 20 youth workers will organize different activities and processes using the gamified online HRE activities. In this way, they will be able to reach out to diverse groups of young people coming from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The specific objectives of the Training of Youth Workers on Digital Gamification are:
To build an understanding of digital youth work and the different digital tools that can be used;
To build competences of using online games within youth work processes for Human Rights Education;
To test the online games developed within the platform and develop action plans for human rights education through youth work using the developed games.

On 11th and 12th March, YEU will organise a dissemination event during which we will be showcasing examples of good practice of gamified educational content and utilisation of games in the learning processes.

Profile of the Participants
The call is open for youth workers, educators and young people.

The dates for the training course are the following: Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd, Thursday 4th, and Tuesday 9th of March 2021.
The dates for the dissemination event are the following: Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of March 2021.


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