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Call for YEU Working Groups 2020

Call for YEU Working Groups 2020

YEU International is glad to announce a call for its Working Groups (WGs) members.

If you are interested in Youth Work/World, want to engage in specific topics on an international level, want to influence what YEU International will work on in the next few years and if you want to work on edge-cutting topics and develop yourself in a proactive and supporting environment, then this is your chance to become active in YEU!

YEU Governing Board (GB) strongly believes in the importance of your participation for bringing the added value to the daily work of YEU and Member Organisations by strengthening the bonds between members and creating more ownership and belonging to YEU in order to work together towards our network success and sustainability.

There is no need to be an expert on the specific topic, but you should feel able and willing to participate in the WG. We welcome all new members who will help us develop and fulfill our activities, shape our strategic plan and adapt it to your needs, your priorities, and your initiatives.

Therefore, we are opening the call for 6 working groups based on YEU Strategic Priorities 2020.

What is the role and aim of the working group?

The working group is a space for innovation, sharing ideas and networking which will gather young people and not only, from YEU Member Organisation and other interested individuals. The working groups will have the role to support the implementation of YEU annual plan 2020, and develop YEU Strategic priorities for 2021-2024 with objectives, results and deliverables based on the decision of YEU General Assembly 2019.

Commitment & Working Method

The participation at the Working Groups is open to members, volunteers, Board members and employees of YEU Member Organisations or other interested individuals without any age limit. There is no maximum number of participants for each working group, but a single person can only participate in one working group, so choose wisely. Nevertheless you can apply for more than one working group, but will be selected only for one. The mandate of the working groups will last from April 2020 to December 2020.

Each working group will be self-facilitated and will work online on our Basecamp collaboration tool and through online meetings (Skype/Zoom-calls) supported by a Governing Board  member and a representative of the YEU Administrative Office (AO). A face to face meeting of the working group will be considered as a priority in case of budget availability and in accordance with upcoming results of the online meetings. GB will also try to allocate budget to enable the presentation of the results of the work in main events of YEU (such as the General Assembly).

Working Groups are expected to develop clear outcomes (such as policy/position/recommendation paper/projects) and put them into action to create tangible progress/results.

Tasks and Responsibilities of each Working Group:

Education WG:

  • Promoting and implementing disadvantaged and less represented young people’s equal access to high quality non-formal education and trainings at all levels and opportunities for lifelong learning

  • Promoting validation and recognition of non-formal and informal learning for young people through youth organizations

  • Supporting young people’s transition between education and training and the labor market through holistic approach and competences development

  • Work on the development of quality blended learning and e-learning through the integration of NFE into the online space with the aim of increasing opportunities for disadvantaged young people

 Expected Outcomes:

  • Development of YEU Strategic Plan 2021-2024 based on the MOs input during the consultation process.

  • Implementation of learning badges in practice – guide

  • Using gamification as a tool in NFE – set of recommendations

Social Cohesion/Inclusive Societies WG:

  • Continuously working and promoting human rights education and education for democratic citizenship among young people as the basic principles and values of our societies’

  • Stimulating intercultural learning and mutual understanding through learning mobility processes, solidarity, volunteering for the benefit of communities while acquiring useful experiences, skills and competences;

  • Supporting conflict resolution and peacebuilding initiatives among young people coming from (post) conflict regions;

  • Empowering young people to actively participate in decision making processes and youth policy development on local, national and international level and in the EU Youth Dialogue (especially those with fewer opportunities, underrepresented and distant young people);

  • Mainstreaming gender equality in all aspects of YEU work and society in general while combating all forms of discrimination (online and offline);

  • Ensuring sustainable lifestyles;

  • Promoting well-being of young people, especially with a focus on the mental health of young people.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Development of YEU Strategic Plan 2021-2024 based on the MOs input during the consultation process.

  • Survey on gender equality in MOs;

  • “Coffee and talk” – Innovative approaches and concepts (theatre, dancing, singing, cooking, storytelling, gardening etc.);

  • An online campaign on mental health and well-being (like starting a hashtag campaign that everyone can easily get involved in) – YEU Convention 2020

Capacity building of the network/Strong Youth Organisations WG:

  • Supporting capacity building and development of Member Organisations to work on youth related issues in order to ensure the highest possible outreach to young people and strong impact on local, national and international level;

  • Increasing the impact and multiplying effects by strengthening Network’s capacity and enhancing the cooperation within the network in order to ensure diversification of funding, knowledge transfer and good governance within the network;

  • Focusing on relevant EU/COE/global work on youth related issues in order to make the information more accessible and understandable for Member Organizations and provide more opportunities for active participation and representation of values and positions of YEU;

  • Supporting the development of human capital especially young leaders within YEU Network by providing various educational, training and volunteering opportunities for personal, socio-educational and professional development;

  • Stimulating constant network growth through the engagement of new member organizations, possibly focusing on topics not yet prioritized by the current members, such as migrants, LGBTQI+, gender, disabilities, in order to increase the diversity of the network.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Development of YEU Strategic Plan 2021-2024 based on the MOs input during the consultation process.At least 3 new MOs from the EU sharing YEU values joining the network;

  • Identify the capacity building needs of our Member Organisations and people by on-line meetings and surveys;

  • Update Safety Standards in YEU events;


Fundraising and Partnership/Project Development WG:

  • Revisiting and updating YEU Fundraising Strategy

  • Exploring opportunities for various sources of funding and decreasing dependence of YEU from EU/COE funds

  • Enhancing and strengthening cooperation with the existing partners and engage in strategic partnerships and policy reform processes in line with YEU values with potential new partners and relevant stakeholders

  • Strengthening and developing institutional relations with valuable institutional partners (decision makers/shapers) in the field of youth: European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations;

  • Increasing YEU involvement in creating, monitoring and advocating for the youth related policies in European and global context

Expected Outcomes:

  • Development of YEU Strategic Plan 2021-2024 based on the MOs input during the consultation process.

  • Strengthening YEU cooperation both with the existing partners and new partners, expanding the partners of YEU and reaching out to new partners in the European Union;

  • Establishing cooperation with donors other then EU and Council of Europe and seeking funding from other possible sources;

  • Support to the YEU office in project development and recruitment of partners, cooperation with Projects and Fundraising officer;

  • Promotion of YEU on different events, conferences and activities involving young people and youth organizations;


Youth Work WG:

  • Supporting member organisations in strengthening their capacities for continuous quality youth work related activities on a local level for developing young people’s qualities, skills  and competences

  • Supporting young people achieve their full potential on personal, social and professional level through quality youth work

  • Working towards professionalization of quality youth work on European level, and local/national levels through our member organizations

Expected Outcomes:

  • Development of YEU Strategic Plan 2021-2024 based on the MOs input during the consultation process.

  • Implementation of YEU capacity building programme 2020

  • Testing the indicators of Quality Label at 10 MOs

  • YEU Youth Work Code of Ethics

If you are interested and you want to take the challenge, then take the lead and join one of our Working Groups! Application form for YEU Working groups can be found here with the deadline of February 24th 2020 at 23:59 CET.


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