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Eco Food for/of Eco Thoughts

“Eco Food for/of Eco Thoughts” was a youth exchange which took place in Kotor, Montenegro from the 30th of December 2012 to the 5th of January 2013. The project, supported by the Youth in Action Programme, gathered very enthusiastic and motivated participants from 6 different European countries (Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Montenegro, Serbia and Belgium) who put in great efforts into creating a healthy, fun and eco-friendly working environment!

The aim of the event was to give the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and opinions on how to maintain an eco-lifestyle as well as to discuss food habits and sustainable growth in society. The main questions discussed were “do we eat eco-food?”, “where to get eco-food from?” and “what do we really know about what we eat?”. Every question and topic was discussed with a view to share personal experiences based on different backgrounds and cultures. The exchange proved so successful that the energy emanating from the multicultural environment created was not only contagious among the participants, but also among the locals. The participants prepared food from their home countries and invited locals to eat and spend quality time with them. One of the outcomes of the project was that the participants gathered many national dishes into one handbook accessible to all.

To see how contagious the “Oppa Healthy style” was, take a look at the following link to hear from the participants’ experiences:


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