EU Youth Conference in Prague: 9th Cycle of EU Youth Dialogue

Prague opened its doors to welcome young people from across Europe in the EU Youth Conference between the 11th and 13th of July. The EU Youth Conference in Prague happened under the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU and is part of the 9th Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue. 

The EU Youth Dialogue is a dialogue mechanism between young people and decision makers taking place in the framework of the EU Youth Strategy, which provides a space for the voice and opinions of young people and youth organisations to be shared and taken into consideration upon the definition of the EU’s youth policies.

The EU Youth Conference in Prague gathered young people, youth organisations and decision makers in the same room to together talk about how to meet the youth goals of Sustainable Green Europe and Inclusive Societies, which feed into the topic of the current cycle of “A Sustainable and Green Europe”. 

During the two and a half day days of the conference the young delegates from national youth councils and youth organisations had the opportunity to share examples of good practices related to the areas of inclusion and sustainability, which served as the basis for the discussion with the policymakers present in the Conference. Moreover, the work developed during this conference was also based on the mid-term report of the 9th Cycle of the European Union Youth Dialogue overseen jointly by the Trio Presidency of France, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.

YEU was present in Prague to take part in the discussions and after two intense days of work we are confident about the decisive role youth plays in European decision-making and excited to see the work developed until the end of this cycle. 

The next EU Youth Conference, the final one in this cycle, will be held in Sweden and we are looking forward to taking part once again and to seeing the final results of the work that has been developed throughout the 18 months of this cycle.


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