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From Eurogames to a brand new Manual on Inclusion: Involving young people with disabilities

After introducing the “Eurogames” toolkit and its very positive welcome by youth workers throughout Europe, YEU is preparing another useful tool, which continues the topic of the involvement of disabled (or already difabled youth?) in youth activities. Like “Eurogames”, this new handbook also comes from practice and the experience of using different methods in youth work.

During the training course “ Creative Organizers: Project Management of Youth Activities Involving Youth with Disabilities”, which was held in Poland from 16th to 22nd of October 2011, participants worked on a brand new manual under the title “Project Management of Youth Activities Involving Youth with Difabilities”,  which will be prepared and distributed in a way that it can be used as a toolkit by partner organizations and their members for similar trainings and other educational activities that will be planned and implemented in the next years.

It will also include good practices and useful advice about the planning and implementing youth activities with youth with “difabilities”.” It was agreed that disabled people have in fact different abilities, not fewer, which the “dis-” emphasizes. That is why “dif-” is more suitable focusing on the differences rather than deficiencies. The new term has been welcomed also during the TC in Poland and will be used further in the handbook.

This toolkit will bring reccomendations concerning the involvement of youth with visual, kinetic, hearing, as well as mental impairments in youth activities. The aim is to concentrate not only on activities themselves, but also on the whole process of implementation and evaluation of the projects. The handbook is about how to adapt and make youth projects accessible for difabled people by also showing good practices, through a list of what to avoid and examples of technological support that could be provided.

We strongly believe that such a handbook will be an important and useful tool for youth workers in Europe who want to make their work more inclusive for all young people.


Michal Klopocki

Newsmail Journalist and Editor


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