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Board Member

Student of mechanical engineering, youth activist and youth worker from the organization Centrifuge in Serbia. 
Finds joy and motivation in nature, mountains and camping.
Believes that change starts with youth!

Board Member

Andrea Saieva is a literature PhD student with a passion for the environment and nature who discovers the world of associationism very early on. He decided to devote himself to international exchange projects involving young people and schools and is currently the Head Manager of the internationalisation sector of the third sector organisation Tierra Techo Trabajo Aps.

Yağmur Aşıla

Board Member

Yağmur Aşıla has volunteered in many different non-governmental organizations since 2017. She likes to explore different cultures, meet new people and see new places. She gives non-formal trainings on different topics such as gender equality and ecology, climate. Yağmur, who is currently an international projects intern at Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) is also continuing her education at Ankara University in the department of sinology.

Daniela Sofia Correia

Vice President

Daniela has been working as a youth worker for so many years, currently the President of MOJU Portugal and the board member of the National Federation of Youth Associations in Portugal. Her work is focused on one of YEU priorities: “Inclusive Societies and Youth Work” and she is also leading one of YEU Working Groups on the same topic.

Huseynkhan Hacizadeh

Board Member

Huseynkhan is currently enrolled in a master degree at Azerbaijan State Agricultural University in economics. He has been working in the youth field for 7 years. At the moment he is chairman of Bridge to the Future Youth Public Union based in Ganja, Azerbaijan. He has professional experience in the youth field on the topics topics such are – project writing and management, youth participation, local and international volunteering, international youth representation, carrier orientation and civic engagement. Since 2014, he has participated in over 60 local, national and international youth events – seminars, forums, training courses, etc. In 2021, he was elected for the governing board of the National Youth Council in Azerbaijan – NAYORA.

Helen Link

Vice President

From a young age, I have volunteered in many sports events and took part in school projects as an organizer. With YEU I have been involved since 2012, first as a participant and then as an organizer. Currently, I am working with YEU Estonia, previously I have worked with my local youth council. I was also a PET member (organizer) 2017-2018. I am interested in disc golf and fitness. In the future, I see myself as a ship captain. In YEU, I am in charge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an overarching priority of YEU and the Working group on Youth Work.

Yannis Tsilsou

Vice President & Treasurer

Ioannis Tsilsou finished his bachelor degree in the department of International and European Studies and his master in European Policies on Youth, Education and Culture with a master thesis on «The Open Method of Coordination in European Youth Policies: Evaluation of its implementation so far and the challenges for the next multiannual EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027)». He is interested in youth policy research, European law and anti-discrimination policies. Since 2012, he has been involved in various organisations as an activist, intern, volunteer or a member. Through the years, he has taken part in multiple training courses, consultations as an expert, meetings related to intercultural dialogue, human rights and European youth policies. He is working as head Project Manager in United Societies of Balkans since January 2016. In YEU, Ioannis is in charge of the YEU priorities and Working Groups on Inclusive Societies and Strong Youth Organisations. In YEU, Nami is in charge of YEU Priorities and Working groups on Non-Formal Education, Youth Work as well as the Fundraising and Partnership Working Group.

Tamara Cvetkovic


Tamara Cvetković is a peace activist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She likes to travel, write and learn. She believes that 1% of people can change the world and she wants to be part of that change! She is implementing activities with young people and women in rural communities because she knows that there are young people and women whose voices need to be heard! She was nominated for the Prize for Peace Building 2017. Member of Governing Board in Agency for Development and Cooperation, Cerebra, Banja Luka. Currently, she is an intern in Iscos Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, on the position of peacebuilding advisor and she attends a Master program in Human Rights and Conflict management on Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. In YEU, Tamara is in charge of the YEU Priorities on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Working Groups on Youth Work and Strong Member Organisations.

Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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