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How to save the world by not buying clothes? “Fashion VS Climate” environmental event

Earlier this month, APY and Alternative Youth Center in collaboration with UniGrowth Development Center hosted an event titled ‘Fashion vs Climate.’ The primary objective of this event was to shed light on pressing environmental issues related to textiles and to encourage individuals to take action to mitigate these problems.

Lia, one of the event participants, shared her journey: “It has been nine months since I last purchased any clothing. I used to be an avid shopper but now I believe I have enough in my wardrobe.” Lia brought along the last top she bought from Shein to exchange it for another item, which she graciously wanted to gift her sister’s daughter.

The event featured seminars, discussions and interactive games centred around the environmental impact of fashion. Youth participants had the opportunity to assess their existing knowledge about the topic while also acquiring new insights.

Anna Tovmasyan, the coordinator of the Alternative Youth Center, emphasised the initiative’s importance, stating, “Our aim is to raise awareness, particularly among young people, regarding environmental issues. Often, topics like global warming seem distant and disconnected from our daily lives, leading to a misconception that they won’t affect us. Changing this perception is a critical part of our mission.”

Many frequent clothing shoppers may not realise that, for instance, it requires approximately seventy litres of water to manufacture a single pair of jeans. Additionally, approximately seven percent of the world’s annual water resources are dedicated to textile production, leading to the accumulation of ninety-two million tons of clothing waste. Moreover, workers in the textile industry often receive minimal wages. According to organisers, being informed about these facts has the potential to greatly influence our perspectives and actions towards change.



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