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IRELI , Azerbaijan – Mobility Youth Work

Mobility Youth Work

“IRELI” Public Union successfully executed a series of training programs across 6 regions of Azerbaijan in the frames of “Mobility Youth Work” program during the month of June. The programs encompassed various themes including “Human Rights: In Every Sphere of Life”, “Enhancing Regional Youth’s Proficiency in Social Media Management,” and “Fostering the Development of Soft Skills in Young Individuals”. Notably, the implementation of these programs hinged upon the utilisation of non-formal educational methodologies.


The training sessions served as a platform to inform and enlighten the young participants about their fundamental rights, promoting their active engagement in the broader social sphere. The curriculum further entailed interactive workshops and trainings designed to underscore the significance of social activism, the efficacy of non-formal education, the art of project writing and management, the realisation of innovative ideas, and using social media in appropriate ways.


Approximately 150 young individuals exhibited their involvement and commitment by actively participating in these informative and transformative training sessions, which were conducted across six distinct regions of Azerbaijan.


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