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“JAMMIN” is all about breaking boundaries between the past, present and future. The project, more specifically named “Joint Artistic Methodologies for Migrants’ INclusion and INtegration” aims to use arts and non-formal education as pathways to break the division between communities and strive for common understanding and inclusion.

The project is currently being implemented in 4 different countries around Europe: Belgium by YEU, Spain by Daquiedacola, Italy by La Fenice and North Macedonia by CID. Each partner plays a crucial role when it comes to testing out the new methodologies in each of their local realities. The needs differ from one space to another, the tools need to be tested, improved and modified in order for them to fit every situation.

Sometimes we don’t realise all the hardships refugees, asylum seekers and migrants face when it comes to moving from one place to another, regardless of the reason, each one of them has a story to tell. The journey is just one part of it, when they arrive some other hardships appear and this is where JAMMIN comes in action.

Through activities, workshops, exchanges, concerts, videos and anything we can think of, we’re building tools and methodologies for the inclusion at a local level of the people that need it the most.


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