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Member Organizations



Act4Change is a youth movement that works on a more sustainable society. Act4Change believes in the strength of inspiring youth as the actor for change. That is the reason why Act4Change supports youth with a pioneering role (or that have the intention to play a pioneering role) in realising change in society. Act4Change organises meetings and learning opportunities for young pioneers and supports young people who take own initiatives contributing to sustainable development. Act4Change believes in the value of competency development, empowerment, networking and diversity.Our main activities include:
1) Masterclasses for sustainable development: weekend format for 50 young people containing workshops with experts on sustainable development and formal and informal exchange opportunities between participants.
2) Coffees with the Future: small scale (15 participants) informal evening sessions with an expert on sustainable development, focusing on inspiring young people, exchanging experiences and non-formal learning.

Country: Belgium

Active Bulgarian Society

Active Bulgarian Society (ABS) is a youth network that we created using our imagination in order to improve our potential and surrounding environment with fresh and positive ideas. What solidifies us is our passion to take the initiative and involve young people in social life, through European Mobility and Training programs. Together with our focus on networking and determination for future development, Active Bulgarian Society applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters through deep involvement in the activities of the organization. At ABS we are looking forward for the changes to happen. We have the time and willingness to share our time and make our dreams happen. Considering that together we could set the foundations of next generations with personal, social and professional development, we invite you to check our team and join us. Gain more confidence in planning and implementation of YOUR youth initiatives.

Our mission:

  • Support with all means available, the development and self-awareness of young people, thus ensuring a brighter and more secure future for them.
  • Eliminate the barriers between social circles and the youngsters belonging to them.
  • Advocate for youth leadership, equity and alliance.

Our vision:
  • Raising awareness among young people about personal and professional opportunities ahead;
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue;
  • Promoting European self-awareness;
  • Encouraging youngsters to take the initiative and be proactive;
  • Distribution and promotion of European values.

Address: Blagoevgrad 2702, PO BOX 24, Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Acronym: ABS
Telephone: +359878348029

Agency for Development and Cooperation Cerebra

CEREBRA is an organization that works on the empowerment of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by equipping them with modern knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes required for a success.Our Mission is to create young winners equipped with modern knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes required for success. CEREBRA mainly works with youth although its target groups are older adults too.We organise seminars to provide opportunities for the youth to learn skills that are required on the labour market, we provide opportunities to our members to travel around the region and elsewhere in Europe. We believe that acquiring modern/transferable skills and gaining experience from their peers are the most important elements for one's development in our rapidly changing world. Our activities are predominantly aimed at educational programmes and travelling opportunities.

Address: Vase Pelagica 18, 78000 Banja Luka
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Acronym: CEREBRA
Telephone: +387 51 321 932

Armenian Progressive Youth

APY is a non-profit, non-political organization aiming to support, inspire and engage young people from Armenia and all over the world to develop their social leadership skills, to take their civic responsibility and to act as change-makers. Through different projects, initiatives and non-formal education tools we help young people to succeed, ensuring that they develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences to fit to the modern world.

Our vision: We believe that progressive, educated, skillful, open-minded and engaged young people possess all the power to become actors of change in Armenia and beyond We envision a society where young people achieve their full potential and become engaged and responsible citizens. Youth is not the future but the present!

Our method: At the heart of our efforts is boosting the potential of young people, empowering, engaging and inspiring them to succeed as citizens, entrepreneurs and change-makers. We do it by building capacities, helping youth to acquire new knowledge and skills, providing mobility opportunities and engaging youth in volunteering programs.

Our Goals: Fostering active citizenship and youth participation by improving understanding of democratic values and principles. Building capacities of young people as well as providing personal and professional growth through non- formal education and volunteering programs. Promoting development and recognition of youth work, non- formal education and volunteering in Armenia. Stimulating accessibility of young people to formal and non-formal education opportunities, enhancing transparency in youth work. Strengthening educational and intercultural exchange between young people of Armenia and other countries.

Address: 45 baghramyan, Yerevan, Armenia
Country: Armenia
Acronym: APY
Telephone: +37412539204

Associacao Movimento Juvenil em Olhao

The Association – Movimento Juvenil em Olhão uses the abbreviation MOJU. It was founded on the 16th October, 2007 in Olhão, Portugal. MOJU is a youth association that works at local level, is non-profit making, and independent of all political, syndicalism or religious affiliation.

The aims of the Association are:

  • Encourage active youth participation in society, directly or indirectly;
  • Develop activities (inter) cultural, educational, social, sportive, recreational and environmental aimed at overall development of young people in Olhão’s municipality;
  • Promote discussion and dissemination of information about the needs and aspirations of Olhão’s municipality youth, to contribute to the development and implementation of appropriate local policies;
  • To collaborate with public and private, national and international entities, aiming the development and implementation of the objectives described above.

Address: Rua Perpendicular à Rua de Olivença Lote 2 R/C, 8700 Olhão
Country: Portugal
Acronym: MOJU
Telephone: +35 289713065

Association for Development, Education and Labour

We are an organization, which creates opportunities for young people who would like to be active, would like to try and learn something new and gain new experience and knowledge for personal as well as professional development and growth.

Our goals are:

  • to increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development;
  • to stimulate their creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people, to motivate them and support them in their path towards their own businesses;
  • to promote active citizenship, civic participation and volunteering;
  • to encourage a responsible attitude towards nature and animals, promote a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment;
  • to contribute to the development of rural areas and disadvantaged regions and bring educational opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities;
  • to endorse the elimination of gender stereotypes, support integration of minorities and refugees into the society and promote equality of opportunity for all.

Country: Slovakia
Acronym: ADEL Slovakia

"Bridge to the Future" Youth Public Union

Bridge to the Future strives to increase youth participation in activities, support disabled people in personal development and acquiring necessary job search skills, develop intellectual abilities and professional skills of youth, involve youth in volunteer work, form civil society through the youth movement, ensure youth participation in environmental actions and tourism, and to develop mutual relationships between Azerbaijani and world youth. In pursuit of the above-mentioned objectives, Union regularly provides local, national and international seminars, conventions, meetings, training courses, consultative services, and work camps. Bridge to the Future is a non-profit youth organization independent of all political affiliation, run by young people for young people.
Bridge to the Future Youth Union’s Mission Statement: To assist the active participation of Azerbaijan’s youth, establishment of healthy civil society, and youth representation of our country on the international level.

Address: 28 May str. 34, Ganja, Azerbaijan
Country: Azerbaijan
Acronym: BF

Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work. The organization’s activity focuses on many aspects which are of interest for young people: from provision of services and information, to research and support for policy-making and networking. CID is working to create diverse responsible and cooperative communities where citizens are actively contributing to the social development and integration.
Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

Address: Mesna Zaednica Tode Mendol, Vuk Karadzic bb, 1300 Kumanovo
Country: North Macedonia
Acronym: CID
Telephone: +389 71 390 192

Center for Social Innovations "Centrifuge"

CSI is non-profit organisation with goal to promote social innovations in order to enhance the potential of citizens and their active involvement in society.

Main activities:

  • Organize educational activities such as training courses, motivation speeches, seminars, study visits and conferences in order to promote social innovation and empower individuals and organizations;
  • Organize policy events to facilitate cooperation between the governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in order to advocate for innovative policy proposals;
  • Create and implement campaigns in order to promote innovative social ideas and exchange of best practices;
  • Create online tools in order to create synergies between the experts in creating innovative social projects and facilitate their networking;
  • Conduct research in order to crate information and knowledge that can be valuable for social development.

Vision: CSI is an independent organization that has the ambition to deal with old problems in a new way. Our vision is society in which citizens’ feel esteemed by state institutions in which citizens show solidarity, especially towards the unprotected parts of society and develop self-esteem.

Mission: A social innovation is a simple new idea that has been put into practice by civil society actors for the benefit of a specific social group or people, and this is precisely what we want: to create projects and initiatives with fresh ideas in different policies, educational programs or tools, support businesses, empower cultural initiatives and offer different solutions to individuals, corporative bodies, everybody who believe that we can have more Creative, Innovative and Cohesive Europe.

Address: Pere Erjaveca 23-27, 11550 Lazarevac, Serbia
Country: Serbia

CIM Horyzonty

CIM Horyzonty is youth organization, member of the international network called Youth for Exchange and Understanding. Similarity to YEU International Horyzonty aim at promoting intercultural understanding and cooperation through local and international projects involving youngsters from different cultural and social backgrounds. We also aim at promoting voluntary work and youth participation. Our main activities are youth exchanges, long-term educational projects and training courses.

Address: ul. Klaudyny Potockiej 37 60-211 Poznan
Country: Poland
Acronym: CIM Horyzonty

Civil Life Association

Civil Life Association (CLA) is a totally youth-led association established in Bursa in 2013. The main goal of organization is to convey young people's problems and needs to decision-makers, to ensure the development of the personality and leadership skills of young people and to increase the involvement of youth in decision-making process. CLA has local branches in 21 cities of Turkey, and has thousands of volunteers actively participate in events. Since its establishment in apolitical line, there have been purely scientific and evidence-based practices carried out, the association serves as a platform for youth where they can express themselves, test their decisions, and realize their potential leadership skills.
CLA governs Local Committees in cities and the Board of Directors at the national level. All internal and external governance system is based on the United Nations’ simulation, which allows youth to become familiar with mechanisms of international platforms. CLA is active in major policy areas which is studied under the title of youth policy. In this context, there are 6 working groups which are designed according to National-Policy Document of Ministry of Youth and Sports. These in greater detail are also designated with regards to in European Commission Youth Working Group and the European Youth Forum.
To be able to take part in CLA's National structure it is required for candidate to be between 16-29 years old. The associations’ age condition serves as protection of young people's freewill from the effect of adults. Under these working groups, CLA realizes educational modules, organizes national projects, meetings and youth summits, takes part in different national and international platforms and coordinates with different civil society organizations to bring the principles advocated into the life. In this context, the educational modules of CLA are applied with peer-education techniques, and brought to thousands of young people.

Country: Türkiye

Club Culturel Ali BELHOUANE

Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (CCAB) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit youth association, based in Tunis since 1977. The main aim of CCAB is to promote civil commitment among young people, help them to build strong character and attain their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders. By organizing and participating in cultural exchanges, volunteer services and cooperation with other foreign partners.

CCAB aims to attain its main goals:

  • To cultivate a generation who promotes respect, understanding and cooperation while working to eradicate all forms of discrimination.
  • To encourage youth initiative and participation in decision-making.
  • To encouraging entrepreneurship and self employment initiative.
  • To encourage cross-cultural dialogue.
  • To represent and promote the Tunisian culture, customs and traditions.

Address: 31 rue de Palestine, Lafayette, Tunis BP 219, Tunisie
Country: Tunisia
Acronym: CCBA

Community Volunteers Foundation

TOG contributes to the personal development of young people by encouraging them to participate in social responsibility projects as volunteers. In doing so, it increases young people’s community involvement on a voluntary basis. Every year the Foundation supports the realization of over 980 projects and activities implemented by about 40,000 young people in over 120 university clubs.


  • Trains trainers who implement peer to peer trainings on subjects such as volunteerism, project management, human rights, social rights, reproductive health, health literacy and organizational management
  • Offers face to face support to university student clubs according to their needs
  • Provides scholarship opportunities and internships to young people
  • Creates a learning environment that increases youth mobility, which in turn supports learning from other young people and youth organizations
  • Supports young people’s ideas on social problems specific to their projects and helps them find financing for these projects
  • Investigates and contacts stakeholders to increase awareness on the needs of university students within the public realm

TOG aims to contribute to peace in the society by empowering youth.
TOG works to create an environment in which young people can solve their problems through volunteerism and shape their own future.

Address: Hobyar Mh. Rahvancılar Sk. No:7 1.Vakıf Han Kat.1 34112 Eminönü, İstanbul – Türkiye
Country: Türkiye
Acronym: TOG
Telephone: +90 2163218998

Development NO Borders

Development No Borders (DNB ) is an Egyptian NGO based on voluntary work of young people aged between 18-35 who aim to develop themselves and their society.

DNB is working in youth development since 2003 Our activities are categorized under social, Cultural and Voluntary activities as non formal educational methods, In the international level we care about subjects like culture understanding and diversity, xenophobia, racism and discrimination and for sure other topics related to youth development.

Our Vision: Creative Youth ... Capable of Development....
Our Mission: To encourage working on development and youth creativity whilst preserving our Egyptian identity by implementing charity work and indulging young aiming ideas through our youth who believe in their role in developing.

Address: 2 El-Margoushy st. , Nasr City 11391 , Cairo , Egypt
Country: Egypt
Acronym: DNB
Telephone: +202-6701727

Express Yourself

Express Yourself organization was established in 21/08/2013. Idea of organization creation was born during own project participant experience that showed us that there is not enough information in our society of young people about availability to learn, understand a develop in non-governmental sphere. Main focuses of organization are youth employment, awareness raise of society of cultural issues in other countries by that way raise harmony between countries, cultures and religions in globalization period, encouraging young people to get involved in labour market as employers(by raising their knowledge of business as well as their self confidence).

Country: Latvia

Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Foundation of Regional Initiatives (more known among the young people as FRI) – is a youth public organization, which works on all the territory of Ukraine with the purpose of the institutional strengthening of youth motion, studies and providing of active participants of associations of young people, development of student and on the whole youth initiatives.

FRI unites in the rows young active people, who help to develop youth motion of Ukraine, associations of young people, and also those young people which have active position in relation to the issues of the present day in Ukraine.
In 2002 the activists of youth public motion founded a new association — Foundation of Regional Initiatives. For two years of activity FRI went out on leading positions in youth motion of Ukraine, due to the solidarity, activity and influentiality.

On the 17th of October, 2004 all-Ukrainian FRI was created, which had united all existing by then cells. One of initiators and founders of organization, Oleksandr Solontay was elected as the head of the all-Ukrainian.

Address: ул. Турівська, 31, оф. 28, Kyiv, 01001
Country: Ukraine
Acronym: FRI
Telephone: +38 063 576 1839

Institute of Ukrainian Studies

Mission of the organization is to promote inclusive society in Ukraine by engaging people with disabilities to active social life and educational activities concerning protection of their rights.


  • to increase the knowledge of local communities and society in general about capabilities and potential of people with disabilities;
  • to protect the rights of people with disabilities on local and national levels;
  • to help to create inclusive society in Ukraine;
  • to help young leaders;
  • to encourage youth to take active part in social life.

In its daily activities, our NGO organizes projects aimed at increasing cooperation with local youth, especially youth with disabilities and youth with fewer opportunities, through different methods of non-formal education ensuring active participation of young people in local life.
There are 21 official members who are involved in writing project applications, and project/event management and around 30-40 volunteers who help us during implementation of different projects. Governing Board consists of a president, vice president for local development, vice president for international affairs and two managers of cycling marathon "I see! I can! I will!". Among the staff of the NGO there is also an administrator who is responsible for documentation and technical issues.

Our major projects include:
  • Annual cycling marathon “I See! I Can! I Will!” which is aimed at fostering social transformation and promoting inclusion of visually impaired people as equal members of Ukrainian society;
  • Sensoteca, an informal inclusive space where everyone can find their own place regardless sex, race, religion, disability, gender identity, social status;
  • Inclusive-IT, a project aimed at creating social entrepreneurship in the future based on checking websites for inclusiveness and thus providing visually impaired people with job in IT sphere
  • In 2017 we also organized “Tour of tolerance. Ukraine”, a project aimed at promoting tolerance among Ukrainians of the eastern and western part of the country.

Address: Franka 33/5 79005 Lviv, Ukraine
Country: Ukraina
Acronym: IUS
Telephone: +380931164757

Ireli Public Union

“IRELI” Public Union came into being on the base of “IRELI” Countrywide Youth Movement established on August 26th, 2005. Over 6 thousands Azerbaijani youths joined “IRELI” Nationwide Youth Movement and it became one of most active organizations of the country. Founders of “IRELI” Nationwide Youth Movement decided to disband the movement on December 9th, 2008. “IRELI” Public union was founded on December 24th, 2008.
Please be informed that “IRELI” Public Union is an organization established on the activities of young professionals and holds an active position in today’s socio-political life of Azerbaijan. It is already several years that a great deal of long-term projects is being implemented to turn oil capital into human one. Our organization sees successive investment in human capital as the most effective and continuous way to develop. We pay special attention to the youth in our projects aimed at developing human capital. Therefore, “IRELI” Public Union is working with young professionals to implement its human capital-oriented activities. “IRELI” has individual and collective membership system. Over 2400 youth and 12 organizations are members of “IRELI”. Over 180.000 people took part in more than 300 projects implemented by “IRELI” since 2008. The activities of “IRELI” cover all the regions and cities of Azerbaijan; it is also cooperating with organizations from 30 different countries of the world.

Address: Sabir str. 3, Old City, Baku
Country: Azerbaijan
Acronym: Ireli
Telephone: Tel: (+99412)4928045) Fax: (+99412)4924806

Jaunimo mainai ir bendradarbiavimas

Public youth organization Jaunimo mainai ir bendradarbiavimas (JMB – YEU Lithuania) is one of the national branches of IYNGO ‘Youth for Exchange and Understanding’. The Lithuanian branch started its activities in June, 1996. At the moment, the organization has 25 active members and is constantly growing in both the number of members as well as activities arranged. The objective of the organization is to promote Peace, Understanding and Cooperation among youth in the whole world. We organise cultural, social, civic projects for young people in Lithuania.We also work in close cooperation with international organisations and participating in their events and develop common projects. JMB stimulates mutual aid in the developed and developing countries for cultural, educational and social purposes, it encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions, and it also aims to improve the relationships among young people from countries with different political systems and religious beliefs.
The objective of the organization is to promote Peace, Understanding and Cooperation among youth in the whole world. JMB stimulates mutual aid in the developed and developing countries for cultural, educational and social purposes, it encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions, and it also aims to improve the relationships among young people from countries with different political systems and religious beliefs.

Address: Krempliu str 5, Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
Acronym: JMB
Telephone: +370 69911301

No Excuse

The youth association No Excuse Slovenia encourages the active involvement of all young people in the society. By raising awareness about actual topics, it encourages the development of critical opinion, which enables their personal growth through peer-to-peer interaction.
The No Excuse campaign combines all activities of the organization and promotes sustainable development, tolerance, communication, healthy life style, involvement of young people with fewer opportunities and active citizenship.
No Excuse Slovenia is an apolitical and non-profit making organization.

Address: Slovenska cesta 56, 1000 Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
Acronym: No Excuse Slovenia
Telephone: +386 41 679 756

Mladinski Center Bit

Our three main aspects of work are:

Information and counseling for young people takes place in the Information Office in Črnomelj Castle (Trg svobode 1, Črnomelj). The activity includes counseling to individuals, associations and other youth organizations, providing various information to interested individuals, information in the field of education and educational processes, leisure time of young people, legal and social protection, prevention of risky behaviors among young people and other content.

Non-formal education is carried out in cooperation with experts trained in individual fields and individuals who have certain skills and knowledge are willing to share them with others ..). We mainly provide seminars, research projects, lectures, research workshops, training courses, exhibitions, screen preventive films, travelogues, organize round tables on current issues, creative workshops for children and adolescents, presentations of international programs for young people and encourage young people to participate in them. Our members attend various trainings both at home and abroad, and we also participate in numerous researches in the field of non-governmental organizations and youth work. We encourage the voluntary work of young people and their participation in all spheres of social and political life.

International youth projects include participation in the Erasmus+, Youth in Action program, coordinated by the Movit NA Youth Institute. So far, we have implemented over 20 EVS projects, six youth exchanges and two cross-border initiatives. We have already sent about 40 groups abroad for projects. The implementation of a varied club program allows us to work with performers from around the world. Besides being a full YEU member organization, we are also members of the international SEEYN network.

The club's program mainly includes events in MKK, namely a program with concerts by music groups and DJs, performances, theater performances, literary and dance performances, lectures, round tables, playing board games, etc. At MKK, we also offer young music performers free space and equipment for music rehearsals. The quality of the club program was also recognized by the Ministry of Culture, as we have signed a four-year co-financing agreement with them.

Address: Mladinski Center BIT, Črnomelj Castle (Trg svobode 1, Črnomelj)
Acronym: MCBIT
Country: Slovenia

Resource Centre Leskovac

Resource Centre Leskovac was founded as a part of Resource Centres Network in March 2002 by Swedish Helsinki Committee for human rights and CHRIS Network-Committees for human rights in Serbia with a mission to act as a focal point and interlocutor of local and regional initiatives in different programmes (public advocacy, development, education etc.). Resource Centres are made to be tools and resources in order to increase life style quality in communities. Centres are open for everyone - NGO's and individuals, community in general. Since the target group of Resource Centre Leskovac is communities in general, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, activities were started just after the founding, stressing the community needs. Resource centre Leskovac is currently working in several fields, all related to community development and its empowerment.

Vision: Developed and opened local community in which citizens actively participate in decision making process and create guidelines for the development and respect of democratic society. Mission: RC Leskovac acts as an interlocutor of local community development, which raises civil awareness by initiating and realising local, regional and international initiatives, development and sustainable programmes which are directed to promotion and strengthening of civil society, rule of law, human rights and freedom, as the basic preconditions for integration into the modern and democratic EU society.

Address: Strahinjica Bana str 3, PoBox 72, 16000 Leskovac Serbia
Country: Serbia
Acronym: RCLE
Telephone: +381 16 232 811

Youth for Exchange ja mõistmise Eestis

YEU Estonia is a non-governmental youth organization that was founded in 1997. YEU-Estonia is helping Estonian youth to participate in different youth seminars and conventions aiming them to get more experienced on international level.

Address: Isanurme village, Puhja parish, Tartu County 61301
Country: Estonia
Acronym: YEU Estonia
Telephone: +372 528 6961

Youth Exchange and Understanding Malta

YEU Malta branch has been working in a close co-operation with YEU international since 1995. Through all of our works, we aim to develop close interaction of European youth as well as trying to destroy all stereotypes, prejudices caused by lack of understanding and communication. Hence, we try to create friendly atmospheres to young people from different cultures so that they have the chance to see who they are and what they know about the others. With our experienced members in YEU activities, we also work on developing new methods for the young people's meetings. In our activities, we try to have a democratic group understanding, and hence we try to establish the idea of democracy in our works.
Our vision is to encourage all the youths to involve themselves more in youth work and to evolve more their abilities by giving them more chance to express themselves in any way possible.

Address: 86, Napuljun Caruana Dingli Street, Mellieha Malta
Country: Malta
Acronym: YEU Malta

Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus

YEU Cyprus stands for Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus and it is a non-political, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Cyprus. It was established in 1995 with the aim to foster closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world through the exchange of information, experiences and ideas. YEU Cyprus is one of the biggest youth organizations in Cyprus numbering more than 800 members. It is considered to be one of the most active organizations of the island realizing several activities both on international and local level.
YEU Cyprus is a full member of the Cyprus Youth Council and is represented in the CYC Board. It is also a member of the Advisory Body of the Cyprus Youth Board, the semi -governmental organization responsible for youth issues in Cyprus. YEU Cyprus is affiliated with the YEU International platform which is under the European Youth Forum umbrella. YEU Cyprus is represented in the CYC Board and the YEU International Board. YEU Cyprus organises and participates as a partner in various international and local activities. On international level, YEU Cyprus organizes and delivers training courses or exchanges on different topics, focusing always on the youth’s development, awareness raising and capacity building. The methodology of the activities is based on non-formal education and experiential learning. YEU Cyprus, also gives its members the opportunity to participate in international activities abroad such as in partner’s training courses, youth exchanges, seminars, SALTO events and the YEU International Youth Convention
On local level, YEU Cyprus organizes Theatre of the Oppressed events, Human Libraries, workshops on different topics, street festivals field trips and other activities.
In what we aim to YEU Cyprus works to establish mutual understanding, acceptance and support among countries, communities and people on cultural, educational and social issues. It also focuses on improving the relationships among youngsters coming from countries with different political systems, religious beliefs and traditions, thus fostering tolerance and mutual respect.
More specifically, through its activities YEU Cyprus aims:

  • To promote co-operation and mutual understanding between young people for cultural, educational and social purposes
  • To work towards resolving conflicts and promote a peaceful society through the recognition and respect for others
  • To improve the relationships and promote tolerance among young people of different cultural or political realities
  • To work together on issues related to protection of the environment and sustainability
  • To support and promote the health and well-being of young people in order to advance their quality of life
  • To encourage the active involvement and participation of all young people in society without distinction because of race, social status, educational levels or any other disadvantage.

Address: 27 Ezekia Papaioannou, P.C. 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus
Country: Cyprus
Acronym: YEU Cyprus
Telephone: 00357-99573646

ZID Montenegro

Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid – is non-profit organization established 1996. in Podgorica, and the scope of work in the beginning was student's questions within University of Montenegro. Organization has developed step by step, and 10 years later ADP ZID is one of most developed non-governmental organization in Montenegro. Of course, youth was and still is the focus of work within organization, as well as volunteerism and community development.

Vision: Well developed and democtratic society of equal citizens, open for different initiatives and changes, aiming permanent improvement of life quality for people who live in it.

Mission: ADP – Zid promote and strenghtening participation of individuals and organizations in process of development of civil society trough realization of inovative programmes aiming strenghtening of democratic processes and contributing development of community.

Aims of organization

  • Increasing individual opportunities for development and active participation of citizens, especially young people, in local community, using promotion of volunteerism, mobility, non-formal education, initiatives for advocacy and services.
  • Advance quality of life within community, urging citizens, administrative organs and political parties on cooperation and on that way to make them to take over active responsibility for self-development.
  • Starting dialogue and contribute to sloving problems within society, using different media and cultural forms.

Address: VII Omladinske 30 P.fah 370 81000 Podgorica
Country: Montenegro
Acronym: ZID
Telephone: +382 20 20 71 30 / Fax +382 20 20 71 31

United Societies of Balkans - U.S.B.

United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2008 in Thessaloniki, by a team of active young people, socially sensitized and with rich experience around voluntary programs. The organization was created under the pressure of rapid changes in our region and the social transformations within and around it, as well as due to the need for improvement of the living/social conditions and the need for protection of human rights and peaceful co-operation.

The main activities and projects are on international, European and local level, including: Educational programs and training courses (seminars and youth exchanges), Hosting and Sending of volunteers, through the action “European Voluntary Service”, by Erasmus+ Programme, Local intervention, Researches, Advocacy and Information Campaigns, Creation of manuals & production of documentaries, Conferences.

The actions organized by "United Societies of Balkans" are being funded by donations, sponsorships, voluntary subscriptions of friends and members of the organization and from national and EU Programmes such as the National Agecy of EU Programmes, Youth in Action, Erasmus + Programme, Eurodesk, the Council of Europe, the State Scholarships Foundation, the European Commission, the Greek Institute of Culture - Anna Lindh and etc. U.S.B. envisions a global, inclusive society, where all citizens will contribute equally to the formation of a world with fewer prejudices, discrimination and other forms of injustice. The ways to reach our visions are to activate youth mobility and to empower youth in order to promote intercultural dialogue.

The aims of youth organization are:

  • The promotion of the value of volunteerism, active citizenship, youth mobility, non formal education and democracy
  • The use of New Media & Citizen Journalism for the encouragement of youth expression, raising awareness about Human Rights and promotion of intercultural dialogue
  • To locate and multiply the special cultural attributes of societies of Southeastern Europe
  • The furthering of the respect towards Human Rights, solidarity and diversity
  • To fight stereotypes and prejudices between Balkan countries
  • The development of a healthy cooperation between the countries of Southeastern & Eastern Europe with these of the rest of Europe

Address: Alamanas, 9, Agios Pavlos, P.A. 554 38, Thessaloniki
Acronym: USB
Country: Greece

Culture Goes Europe Erfurt E.V.

Internationality, diversity, constant renewal – these are words often muttered, praised and celebrated among the open-minded and yet, even among NGOs, CGE stands as a rare example for and true incarnation of these descriptors. CGE is run by migrant-background professionals. Within the framework of non-formal education, CGE empowers participants and communities as active agents in their learning journey.

While located in Erfurt, Thuringia, our roots in internationalism go deeper than our connection to the idiosyncrasies of the free state’s capital city. Originally founded by chairman Markus Rebitschek and other members of Friedrich Schiller University Jena in 2005, the organization has since expanded significantly. Since 2018 our chairwoman Dr. Ammalia Podlaszewska has expanded the horizon of CGE. Our office is currently teamed by people from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Northern Ireland, Chile, Portugal, German, and Indonesia. We have active collaboration with local activists/ mentors and trainers from 13 countries on 4 continents were involved in ongoing projects of our organization.

Vision: We believe in the importance and fundamental imperative of equal opportunities for all, independent from national, social or personal backgrounds. We work towards open and peaceful societies in Thuringia, Germany, Europe and beyond that promote a diversity of thought, Human Rights and civic participation and engagement.

Mission: To promote these values, CGE provides a variety of educational opportunities and programs that bring together young people, adults and experts from across Europe to share and discuss their experiences and opinions. Doing so, it is our aim to encourage a mutual understanding that transcends national borders, social backgrounds and personal affiliations and work towards a shared identity as engaged citizens of Europe and the world at large.

Acronym: CGE Erfurt
Country: Germany

SIT - Center for Counseling, Social Services, and Research

At SIT, promoting and creating an equal society for all is a cause we truly believe in. Hence, we work toward promoting and creating a society equal for everyone regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and any other categories of identity. In order to do so, we tackle some of the most challenging human rights issues in our society that prevent us from achieving equality, peace, and development. SIT has been an ally of the community for more than 10 years, since 2008. Its headquarters is in Prishtina and is active in all regions of Kosovo.

VIsion: SIT aims to contribute to society and make the community more collaborative through working together and promoting the benefits of living in an equal and healthy society.

MIssion: SIT - Center for Counseling, Social Services, and Research is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide professional counselling services, socio-economic research and to prevent negative phenomena with the aim of contributing and improving health and social welfare.

Acronym: SIT
Country: Kosovo
Telephone: +383 38 223 457

Magnet House

Magnet is nongovernmental, nonprofit, association established with an aim of achieving goals in the area of education of the citizens about intercultural understanding, but also in area of active participation of youth in innovative non formal education programs, as well as programs of international activism and networking.

Aims of the Magnet are to provide the space for:

  • Exchanging ideas, expert knowledge and experiences with an aim of launching volunteer and intercultural projects, joint initiatives and partnerships;
  • Raising capacities of its members and focus groups for sphere of interest of Magnet;
  • Advocacy and emphasizing issues of public importance, as well as representing organizations on local, national and international level, in order to secure greater social impact;
  • Increasing visibility and recognition of the activities, approaches and methodologies of the Association on local, national and international level;
  • Sustainable cooperation with individuals and organizations that share same mission.

Aims of the associations are being achieved especially among youth and for youth.
In order to achieve own aims Magnet is carrying on following activities, in a line with mission and aims of the association: volunteer programs and projects, intercultural exchanges, festivals, volunteer workcamps, exhibitions, advocacy campaigns, artistic and educational activities, researches, publications, capacity building, trainings of non formal education, seminars, conferences, campaigns.

Country: Serbia
Address: Dositeja Obradovica 34 Veliki Gaj, Serbia
Telephone:+381 69 365 48 42

T.T.T. - Tierra, Techo, Trabajo APS

The T.T.T. - Tierra, Techo, Trabajo APS is an association of social promotion born in 2019 composed of students and professionals who have decided to commit their energies and skills in favour of the economic, social and cultural development of Agrigento, focusing on its young people and the opening of the city to the most virtuous influences coming from the rest of Europe.
Therefore, the goals of the Association are:

  1. to sensitize young people on the most socially relevant issues to encourage their commitment in society and active participation in the democratic life of the city, national and community;
  2. to promote non-formal and informal learning as a tool for personal and professional growth and,
  3. to improve the skills of young people and nurture their spirit of initiative to encourage the birth of new businesses;
  4. to facilitate the access of the young people of Agrigento to opportunities and tools intended for them by the European Union through community programs and especially the Erasmus + program;
  5. to push the internationalization of the city of Agrigento using community programs, and especially the Erasmus + program, to attract students and workers from the rest of Europe and partner countries.

These objectives are always pursued in strict compliance with the principles of internal democracy and equality, equity across all levels of social interaction, the inviolability of human rights. T.T.T. APS is also the local base of ActionAid Italia and as such is part of an extensive network of associations and other Third Sector entities that allows it to increase the scope and impact of its initiatives on a national scale - when required by their nature, for example for interregional projects and civic campaigns.

Country: Italy
Address: Via Orazio 1, 92100 Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Telephone: +39 0922 1805258


“Solijugend” stands for a socially equitable, democratic and sustainable worldview. We are an independent youth organization based in Germany. „Solidarity Youth“ was founded in 1954 in the tradition of the workers’ youth movement and has actively been involved in volunteer youth work for more than 60 years now. We offer young people an alternative to sports and engage in the areas of youth culture, youth education, youth politics and international youth work.

Country: Germany
Address: Fritz-Remy-Str. 19 - 63071 Offenbach am Main


Ibtikar is a Palestinian Youth-led NGO that was established in 2019 in Bethlehem-Palestine. Ibtikar offers innovative youth programs, corporate training sessions, consulting services to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship in the community, and promotes education for social innovation, on the one side. One the other side, Ibtikar develops educational based programs for teachers and students to inspire their education atmosphere for a better qualitative one. Strategically, Ibtikar aspires to contribute to enabling Palestinians to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute effectively to building a fairer, more caring, and equal society. We believe that education for social innovation and equally accessible qualitative education engenders wellbeing amongst young people, women and the whole Palestinian community and helps building a strong nation that is more inclusive, empathetic, and connected.

Country: Palestine
Address: Jerusalem – Hebron Street, Bethlehem, Palestine
Telephone: +972 598756808

WE Organization

WE organization NL is actively developing various projects in order to tackle Xenophobia, build bonds and promote social inclusion. WE organization NL is committed to breaking barriers & building bridges through the power of dialogue and ‘understanding via interaction’.WE Organization NL fulfills its purpose through: Educational/Training and Consulting work in relation to: Migration (Integration & Emancipation) | Diversity, Inclusion & Intercultural Communication | Youth Participation | Peacebuilding | Storytelling.
This comes in form of: talks/presentations, workshops/co-creation sessions, tailor-made programs.
Aiming at fusing society around the concept of ‘understanding through interaction’, WE Organization NL has implemented several projects and programs together with partners in The Netherlands and the EU level.

Country: The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)61 068 0000


Community Development Institute

The Community Development Institute (CDI) is a non-governmental and non-profit national umbrella association for development, education and social services.
The association as an informal group started its work by the end of 1994 and with the first official registration by the Ministry of internal affairs in 1996.
Vision of the organization is diverse and harmonious society without prejudices – society of happy citizens.
Mission of the organization is a sustainable civil society organization that works on building a democratic and multiethnic society through strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions. The CDI’s experience is based on more than 25 years’ work within the community, addressing citizens’ problems and needs and helping in overcoming challenges.

Country: North Macedonia
Address: Marsal Tito 96, Tetovo, North Macedonia
Telephone: +389 (0) 77 670 201


DrONe was established in 2019 by a group of experienced and highly motivated leaders, youth workers and human rights advocates. This non-profit NGO based in the small but beautiful town of Karlovac, Croatia, implements youth-led local, national and international projects, particularly in the fields of non-formal education, youth work, human rights, active participation, mental health and work with vulnerable groups. The main goals of DrONe are to promote active citizenship and democratization of society, to promote the development of civil society and the promotion of education and lifelong learning. With its work, DrONe aims to promote democratic political culture, nonviolence and peacebuilding, and also to foster volunteerism as a development of the local community, social solidarity and intercultural dialogue.
Operatively, the work of DrONe is focused on the field of youth, specifically on improving the quality of (local) youth work, quality opportunities for lifelong learning, active participation of young people and an intercultural approach to education. All DrONe activities are planned in accordance with three main areas – youth work, civil education and protection and promotion of human rights.
The vision of DrONe is a society where each voice counts and changes are a reality. The mission of DrONe is to encourage progressive ideas and the active participation of young people in building a society based on justice and equality.

Address: Dubrovačka 1, 47000 Karlovac
Country: Croatia
Acronym: DrONe
Mobile: +385 95 900 1784
Social media:

Generation of Changes

NGO “Generation of Changes” is the union of young people who has a common dream to change this world for better. We believe that even one person can be useful in world transformation. All we need for it – inspiration, high motivation, and understanding of whole importance of the role that we are playing at the stage called planet “Earth”. NGO “GC” started its activities in 2015. Our members are young people with open hearts and minds full of ideas for implementation.
The goal of the Organization is to support the development of Ukraine in democratic, legality and ecological directions by promoting peace and understanding between the youth of Ukraine and the world in general and to form the positive image of Ukraine throughout the world.
NGO "Generation of changes" works to promote peace, respect human rights, combat discrimination, develop global education and boost sustainability.

Country: Ukraine
Acronym: GC
Telephone: +380678296380


Since 2017, Mano Europa has been actively involved in local and international (youth) projects and building cooperation bridges between organizations in the European countries. All activities were based on non-formal education, these activities aimed to underline the importance of experiential learning and non-formal education. Since the very beginning, Mano Europa has been actively encouraging young people to meet and interact with other youngsters from European countries, developed a very diverse experience and knowledge in various topics.

Country: Lithuania

WeYouth Organization

WeYouth is a Tunisian youth-led organization established on March 28, 2013. The vision of the organization is a Tunisia led by empowered young people and mission is to contribute to youth development through capacity building, youth-led projects, exchange programs and the implementation of youth policies. The organization is based in Sfax in the south, but works in all regions in Tunisia. In the last three years, we begin focusing on the Tunisian south regarding the potential we are noticing there and due to lack of access to opportunities and information. Our area of expertise is youth and we focus on five themes which are Education, Gender, Economic Opportunities, Peace and Civic Engagement. We are working on empowering youth and creating future leaders. We believe in the importance of being open to international cultures to achieve global goals.

Country: Tunisia
Address: Rd Martyrs, Kallel Building, 4th floor, 3079 Sfax, Tunisia
Telephone: +216 58 45 25 03

Youthfully Yours

Youthfully Yours SK is a non-governmental organization located in Eastern part of Slovakia. What we would like to see in our region are ambitious & competent young people eager to benefit their community. In order to achieve that, we feel determined to advance young people's competences, to empower a sense of initiative & social responsibility, and to promote active citizenship, social inclusion & intercultural dialogue among young people from Eastern Slovakia.

Country: Slovakia
Telephone: +421 950 659 908


YYouth is a non-profit organization based in Oslo, Norway, focused on empowering young people. YYouth's primary goal is to facilitate the professional and personal development of youngsters through education programs, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship enhancement, and addressing the needs of youth at risk. Our target group includes youth at risk, young entrepreneurs, young professionals, and youth workers. We believe in prevention and early intervention, treating young people at risk as valuable resources and community assets. Embracing the positive youth development model, we not only focus on developing individual strengths but also dedicate significant efforts to supporting positive relations between young people and their social-community resources. YYouth actively supports and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a social impact. We use these goals to identify and define targets related to our organization's mission.

Country: Norway
Telephone: +47 412 51 928



Gibberish is an open, inclusive and integrative association that uses and teaches principles of improvised theatre as a communication and interaction tool. Such principles are amongst other, but not limited to: trust, collaboration, acceptance, attentive listening, spontaneity, storytelling, nonverbal communication, nonformal education and warm-ups. Gibberish uses English as the main communication language.

Country: Norway
Acronym: Gibberish


BDK Youth Culture and Art Centre was founded to organize free local and international social activities and self-development courses for young people with fewer opportunities.
Young people and artists in Bodrum work together, creating a dynamic atmosphere to achieve their personal goals by organizing and attending several events. The club's main activities include international festivals, EU youth programs, and art and culture-based courses. Participation of youngsters, a right-based approach, transparency and equality are the main pillars of the organization

Country: Turkiye
Acronym: Bodrum Dans Kulübü

Urban Foxes

Urban Foxes is a multi-disciplinary placemaking collective based in Brussels, with team members all over the world, creating and facilitating innovative & inclusive projects, workshops and giving lectures in different countries.
Our aim is to improve urban health and wellbeing, focussing on the inclusion of neglected stakeholders, with an emphasis on free access, use and creation of high-quality public spaces and social interaction.
Throughout our quest we have created a team of expert Placemakers with a wide range of skills such as Urban Pedagogy, Civic Design, Tactile Urbanism, Co-Creation & Participation and the development of non-formal educational methods. We can facilitate projects or conduct lectures in Dutch, French, English, Farsi, Greek, Spanish, Portugese and Italian.

Country: Belgium

Sguardi Urbani

Sguardi Urbani is a group of city scholars with skills ranging from sociology, anthropology, semiotics to urban planning. Inclined to the hybridization of knowledge and practices of urban intervention we are all linked by the passion for Palermo, for some cities of origin, for others point of arrival or passage.

Country: Italy

University of Kwazulu - Natal

A truly South African university that is academically excellent, innovative in research, critically engaged with society and demographically representative, redressing the disadvantages, inequities and imbalances of the past.
UKZN aims to establish a value-driven organisational culture that empowers the Institution and its people to achieve institutional goals. The guiding values are Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Client Orientation, Honesty, and Trust – represented as R.E.A.C.H.T

Country: South Africa

University of Johannesburg

Vibrant, multicultural and dynamic, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) shares the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, the city whose name it carries. Proudly South African, the university is alive down to its African roots, and well-prepared for its role in actualising the potential that higher education holds for the continent’s development.
The vision of the UJ is to be “an international University of choice, anchored in Africa, dynamically shaping the future”. The mission can be described as follows: “inspiring its community to transform and serve humanity through innovation and the collaborative pursuit of knowledge”.

Country: South Africa

University of Venda

The University of Venda (Univen), situated in Thohoyandou in Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, opened in 1982 to cater for the then Homeland of Venda. Univen is the only University in the Vhembe District. The presence on campus of staff from diverse backgrounds created a unique atmosphere and a fertile environment for new ideas and a capacity for change.

Country: South Africa

University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi, a body corporate established by an Act of Parliament Cap 210 of the Laws of Kenya is the pioneer institution of University education in Kenya and the region.
The only institution of higher learning in Kenya for a long time, the University of Nairobi responded to the national regional and Africa's high level manpower training needs by developing and evolving strong, diversified academic programmes and specializations in sciences, applied sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences and the arts. To date, the range of programmes offered number approximately two hundred. The university is proud of its distinguished record of achievements in teaching, research, development and consultancy while strategizing for a greater future as the centre of academic, research and professional excellence.

Country: Kenya

University of Dar Es Salaam

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is the oldest and premier public university in Tanzania. It is situated 13 kilometers on the western side of the city of Dar es Salaam, occupying 1,625 acres on the observation hill, famously known as Mlimani in Kiswahili. It was established on 25th October 1961 as the University College Dar es Salaam (UCD), an affiliate college of the University of London. Ever since UDSM has grown in terms of student intake, academic units, research capability and academic programmes.

Country: Tanzania

Metropolitan College

The Metropolitan College started out in 1982 and is today the largest College for University Studies in Greece. In addition, it is consistently the first choice in private higher education, both for students as well as their parents. In collaboration with prestigious Universities abroad, it offers the widest range of contemporary courses which are in high demand in the job market.

Country: Greece

ESN - Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest student associations in Europe. It was born on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange.
They are present in more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions from over 40 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. They have around 15,000 active members that are in many sections supported by so called buddies mainly taking care of international students. Thus, ESN involves around 40,000 young people offering its services to around 350,000 international students every year.

Country: Belgium

Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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