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MOs of the Month: IUS from Ukraine and TOG from Türkiye

November is about to end and our monthly appointment with the MOs Campaign is back! 

This month we will learn more about the two Member Organizations: Ukrainian Institute Studies (IUS) and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG).

Institute of Ukrainian Studies (IUS), is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 in Lviv, Ukraine. Since then, IUS is actively committed to spread a real and positive image of Ukraine abroad, by implementing and raising cooperation with other NGOs and other key stakeholders of the Ukrainian civil society and from abroad. 

Through its activities and project, IUS works close to local youth, ensuring youngsters active participation in local life, including youth with fewer opportunities, youth coming from rural areas and youth with disabilities.

To do so, IUS collaborates with the Department of Youth, Family and Sports in planning many youth activities such as seminars, conferences and training. 

Founded in 2002, Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) aims at providing space, tools and competences to youth under the guidance of adults, and according to the principles of Respect of Differences, Transparency and Accountability, Local Participation, Teamwork, Lifelong Learning and Entrepreneurship. 

To do so, TOG develops corporate social responsibility projects and training which address main youth problems and design solutions to handle them. 

Over the years TOG has established a continuative dialogue with diverse actors from public institutions to the Community Volunteers, who came from student clubs, university groups and communities across Türkiye. 

Thanks to these collaborations, TOG seeks  to reach Türkiye youth and children instances about different issues, such as culture and health services accessibility, gender equality, animal rights. 

TOG trusts in youth potential and energy to create a better society. For this reason, it dedicates its work to guide and support them in facing social and controversial problems in their communities. 

Are you already part of the MOs family and would you like to get involved in the MO Campaign? Contact us! We would be glad to tell our community more about your organisation projects and initiatives through our channels. 



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