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MOs of the Month | No Excuse Slovenia and CSI – Center for Social Innovations “Centrifuge”.

Dear YEU friends, 

This month we have the pleasure of telling you something more about our Member Organizations: No Excuse Slovenia and CSI – Center for Social Innovation “Centrifuge”.

No Excuse Slovenia is a youth organization based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Set in 2006, it gradually expanded its presence through the Region, inviting other youth realties to give birth to the “Youth Association Without Excuses Slovenia”, which gathered all of these associations in a unique umbrella association, officially founded in 2012, on September 11th.

Through their workshops, No Excuse Slovenia reached out to more than 130,000 Slovenian  youngsters from primary and secondary schools, introducing them to the topics of healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. 

Furthermore, No Excuse received several awards for its local, national and international projects aimed to empower young people and provide them with tools and a place for cultivating their potentialities and being active citizens. 

It has also co-established numerous international youth organisations, including the Alcohol Policy Youth Network, European Environmental and Health Youth Coalition, Sustainware – Global Youth Partnership for Education on Sustainable Development, YU-SEE and the Tobacco Control Youth Network.

CSI – Center for Social Innovation Centrifuge is an independent organisation founded in 2004 in Lazarevac, Serbia. 

CSI’s mission is to develop projects, initiatives, educational programs and tools to address youngsters and vulnerable groups’ needs and instances, by involving private and public stakeholders. 

By following the motto: “nothing about youth without youth”, CSI work strives to ensure youngsters autonomy, active participation and inclusion, getting them more aware about their rights and to advocate for youth participating in decision-making in Serbia and Europe.  

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