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New episode of YEU Podcast | The membership strategy and process

This month, for the second episode of the YEU Podcast – Season 3, we are talking about the YEU Membership. Our guests are the new Communication and Membership Officer, Chiara Veronse, and a member of the Membership Committee, Nikolina Bjekovic. 

With Chiara and Nikolina, we talked about what it was like to be part of an NGO and international  network like YEU. Each of them also explained their tasks and their role in the membership process. They also taught us about the procedures YEU follows to welcome new member organizations. It was very enriching and instructive, as YEU federates a network of over 30 member organizations, which is why it’s important to maintain a good membership strategy. 

If you would like to discover Chiara and Nikolina, and also hear them explaining YEU membership strategy: check Spotify and our new YEU podcast episode! 


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