How to become a Member

How to become a Member

YEU is open for new members. Members of YEU can be international, national or local youth led organizations.

Any non-governmental youth organization endowed with a democratic structure, led by youth for youth, and supporting the mission and objectives stipulated in the YEU Statute, may become a member, provided that it is accepted by the General Assembly. Written applications for status of observant member of YEU should be sent to the Secretariat at least six weeks before the date of the General Assembly.

The candidature must include all the required documents:

  • Letter of intent
  • List of active members of the organization applying
  • Activity report for current year
  • Activity plan for upcoming year
  • Organization’s statute

If you are interested, please send e mail to: [email protected]

Youth for Exchange and Understanding International – Rue de la Loi 235 – 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Email: [email protected]

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