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PET CAMPAIGN | Say hello to our PET Members Marija Krstevska Taseva, Alessandra Grisoni and Zacharias Piazas.

Who are the PET Members of this month? 

Let’s introduce our Senior Trainer Marija Krstevska Taseva, our Junior Trainer Alessandra Grisoni and Facilitator Zacharias Piazas.

Marija Krstevska Taseva was born in North Macedonia, where she has been actively involved  in the youth field for over ten years. 

Through her career, she held the position of President of the Macedonia National Youth Council and raised her expertise about human and youth rights advocacy by attending the Human Rights Advocates Program at Columbia University in New York. In the capacity of project manager, trainer, facilitator and consultant, she provides youth people with non-formal education  opportunities to build their confidence and skills besides advocating for a major youth involvement in the Macedonian decision-making process. 

Alessandra Grisoni is a youth worker with more than 5 years of experience. Youth empowerment, intercultural awareness and LGBTQI+ issues are her main fields of interest.  As a strong advocate for LGBTQI+ rights, she has a comprehensive understanding of the issues that revolve around LGBTQI+ youth, ensuring a safe space for all, as well as encouraging youth from different backgrounds to express and believe in themselves. In spite of her young age, she boasts a consolidated experience in developing and implementing training programs on project management, fundraising, youth engagement, intercultural awareness, cross-cultural communication and LGBTQI+ inclusion.

Finally, we introduce you to our PET facilitator: Zacharias Piazas, a youth worker and team member of the United Societies of Balkans. Thanks to his EVS experience abroad, he discovered the non-formal education field and cultivated his passion for inspiring and motivating young people in exploring their potential and pursuing their desires.   

His work at the United Societies of Balkans (Thessaloniki, Greece), concerns different tasks from project management to workshops, youth exchanges and training course implementation. 

Would you like to know the PET Member of the next month? Keep an eye on our channels to keep up with our PET Campaign!



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