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PM4I: discover the project through the voices of our partners 

PM4I: discover the project through the voices of our partners 

From 29th to 31st of March, the partners from our project, Place Making for Inclusion (PM4I), met in snow-full but sunny Oslo for the project’s 2nd Transnational Partnership Meeting. 

The Oslo-based partner, Nabolagshager, hosted the meeting in their office and welcomed representatives from all of the partner organisations who came all the way from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany.

In the meeting, there were a lot of points to be discussed with several crucial deliverables coming up such as the project’s Cookbook, E-Platform and Augmented Reality Mobile App. The partners responsible for the development of the tools were offered space to present their work, receive feedback and involve partners through creative co-creation sessions. We also had some time to start preparing for the project’s two mobilities coming up in the second half of this year in Italy and Belgium. 

In parallel with partners’ meetings and creation of tools, the project partners are also regularly carrying out local activities with their Placemaking Ambassadors. Below you can find some stories about the local activities that have taken place in Italy and Spain.

Local Placemakers from Palermo Go International

Sguardi Urbani has carried out workshops and initiatives related to placemaking and youth engagement since 2014. Now, thanks to the project “PM4I – Placemaking for Inclusion” implemented with YEU and other partners across Europe, we are having the opportunity to boost our activities adding to them the value coming from being connected to an international network. Our local ambassador group of youngsters started to meet up in January 2023. They are eight youngsters aged between 22 to 26, who joined the activities with the aim to learn new tools and methods to foster placemaking in their city and involve their peers in the process.

The first activity they carried out was focused on finding the superpowers within their local community: they identified stakeholders and their specific mission on the territory. During their second meeting, they learned how to conduct a city expedition, by exploring new areas of the city and discussing the quality of their public space. However, the activity they like the most is surely being in contact and exchanging ideas with the local ambassadors group of the other partner cities. This experience is truly giving them the idea of the potential and impact their action can have also in a transnational perspective.

Diversity is Key – Youth Ambassadors from Spain Test Out Placemaking Tools 

ESTEL has some exciting news to share with you about our Placemaking 4 Inclusion project. Our team at Estel Coop, along with our amazing youth ambassadors, Paula, Julia, Marc, Anaïs, Aris and Lucia, have been hard at work exploring the concepts of placemaking, social inclusion and youth empowerment.

Our ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds related to architecture, political science, gender perspective and children’s education, and their unique perspectives have enriched our meetings and discussions. Recently, we hit the streets to test out some of the tools in our cookbook, including “Neighborhood Expedition,” “Safety Walk,” and “Public-life Map.” Our ambassadors found these tools to be incredibly useful and helped them observe and understand their surroundings in new ways.

We’re also thrilled to announce that each ambassador has chosen a public space in their city as a case study for our project. They’ll be using the tools they’ve learned to activate their local communities and make positive changes in their neighbourhoods. We can’t wait to see the results of their hard work and dedication!

Our goal is to activate a public space and its community through placemaking, and we’re planning an activity during our dissemination event where our ambassadors will use their knowledge and skills to make this happen. It’s an exciting time for our project, and we’re grateful to have such a dedicated team and supportive community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember to place-make it!


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