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Throughout these 40 years of YEU excistance, we have developed and implemented numerous projects on a variety of topics for the benefit of young people in Europe and the world. The huge amount of projects done by YEU and its member organizations can be counted in hundreds if not thousands for the past four decades, and honestly, we do not have an entire projects record here, but instead we listed the most recent and the ones who are being implemented at the moment. For easier navigation, we listed each project under one of our four main focus areas which are: Non-formal Education, Youth Work, Inclusive Societies and Strong Youth Organizations. 


Promoting mental health and wellbeing among young people through yoga The Hippocampus project was funded by the Erasmus + programme

Brave New YOU

The “Brave New YOU” project tackles the issues caused by the lack of participation of disadvantaged and less represented groups


“JAMMIN” is all about breaking boundaries between the past, present and future. The project, more specifically named “Joint Artistic Methodologies

YEU developing YOU

“YEU developing YOU” is a project which took place in Ganja (Azerbaijan) in 2012. The project consisted of two parallel


“GREEN LEADERS – Active youth participation vs global environmental and climate change” is a long term project funded by the


“SUITCASE” was a project supported by the Youth in Action Programme which took place in Brussels (Belgium) and Istanbul (Turkey)

Joining Hands!

“Joining Hands!” was a 2 year long project implemented by YEU in Brussels, Belgium, with the support of the Youth

Exercising our rights!

“Exercising our rights!” was a one year project developed by YEU which was implemented in Belgium, Serbia and Spain throughout

Engage to shape

“Engage to shape!” was a 4 day long seminar (or structured dialogue), which was implemented by YEU International and partner

Cheers for volunteers!

“Cheers for volunteers!” was a youth exchange which took place in Banja Luka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the


“Youth workers in C.U.I.S.I.N.E.: Combating Unemployment, Increasing Social Inclusion and Networking in the youth field” was a project supported by


“Open Campus” is a project designed by YEU, in cooperation with its member organisations and partners from different countries: Jongeren


We are currently living in a mostly digitised era where online spaces have a very important role to play in


The YES! GAM-EU, short for Youth Engagement Strategies and Gamification in the EU and better known as the GamifyEU finds

Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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