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Rural Youth Advocacy Campaign final stages

As our Advocacy Campaign on Rural Youth rights comes to an end we are glad to recap the most significant steps and progress made throughout the campaign. 

Over the past 9 months, our advocacy group has achieved several results, which have been shared with you all along the way. 

First, we have the ongoing podcast series, which will continue until August. Twice a month for the next two months, you can find a new episode highlighting the experiences of young people coming from rural areas.

Our latest episode features the story of Nancy, a Greek girl currently living in Thessaloniki. Listen to her story here: 

Next, a survey was conducted over the last two months,  data from young people living in rural areas from all over Europe, including Italy, Croatia and Serbia. The results of this survey are now available on our website, offering insights into the different realities of rural youth across the continent.
Explore the findings here: 

Finally, to amplify the voices of rural youth at the European level, some policy recommendations have been drafted based on the data collected during the campaign. These policy recommendations were shared with relevant stakeholders, including the Secretary General of Rural Youth Europe, Spyros Papadatos, during our last “Coffee With” event. 

Learn more about these policy recommendations here:: 

Stay tuned with the YEU Advocacy initiatives.

Let’s meet again in September for the next advocacy campaign! 


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