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Soli is diversity – Soli is more?!

Why did we dare to organize a hybrid, five-language children’s and youth camp? Our members didn’t want a second online youth camp. Neither did we. But which alternatives were there and how could they be implemented? Within a few weeks, under the special circumstances of a new team in our office and a worldwide pandemic,  we organized a hybrid children’s and youth camp with different national groups meeting separately in their  respective home countries – with a detailed hygiene concept and hoping for zero Corona cases. We dared!  We wanted to finally offer our children and young people something again after months of lockdown. With 85 participants aged between one and 80, we met for the peak of the summer at the youth hostel in  Forbach-Herrenwies, in the depths of the Black Forest, in the immediate vicinity of a beautiful reservoir, a  bobsled run and a climbing forest. 

Here green wristbands, there yellow and red ones – and boom: each group had a different time slot for meals,  bus rides and various program points. Even the division of the dormitories was based on fixed groups.  Wherever possible, of course, we tried to do outdoor activities. The consistent wearing of masks inside the  building also worked very well for this reason. Corona was and is still not canceled, but sometimes it just takes some DIY and common sense to bring some  normality back into everyday life. During speed dating at the beginning of our youth camp, the younger ones answered the following question:  “What would you change if you were Queen or King of Germany?” Not surprisingly…  Read the full article HERE and watch the aftermovie HERE!


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