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Stand up against bullying, NOW!

“Stand up against bullying, NOW!” is a training course developed by Youth for Exchange and Understanding which was hosted in Armenia in May 2018 by the Armenian Progressive Youth (APY), one of YEU’s member organisations.

The training course aimed first of all at getting a more developed perspective on the matter, and consequently to set up activities and raise awareness to fight against every rampant form of bullying, as well as to build the capacities of youth workers and educators to be able to provide support and empower young victims of hate and bullying to fully re-integrate within their communities. The need for this project arose from the fact that while there are numerous activities focusing on campaigning and raising awareness about the issue, there is currently a lack of competent educators and youth workers able to provide the above.

The project equipped participants with a set of practical competences to provide support and work with young people who have faced hate and bullying and who could be empowered to become multipliers and active stakeholders in the fight against discrimination and for human rights, tolerance and understanding. The project aimed at: providing a space for youth workers and educators to share practices for working with young people who have faced stress, bullying and hate; exploring different competences and theories for the empowerment and reintegration of young people who have been targets/victims of hate and bullying; and training educators and youth workers to take an active role in working with, and empowering young people who have been targets/victims of hate and bullying.


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