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EYE2023 – European Youth Event | The YEU Team was in the European Parliament – Strasbourg.

EYE2023 – European Youth Event | The YEU Team was in the European Parliament – Strasbourg.


The EYE – European Youth Event brings together thousands of young people from all over Europe and the world, to share and shape their ideas on Europe’s future. It is a unique opportunity for 16 – 30 year olds to interact, inspire each other and exchange their views with experts, activists, influencers and decision makers, right in the heart of European democracy.


EYE2023, the 5th edition of the event, took place on 9 and 10 June and featured both in-person and hybrid activities at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France!


YEU was there and the most exciting part for us was the ”WEMusic – Music for Social Change” activity, which was organised by our team at the European parliament for 2 days. The purpose of this workshop was to overcome linguistic, cultural, social and political barriers by using the music as a shared language. YEU’s activity “WEMusic Workshop” in EYE2023 aims to empower young people to express themselves in ways that words can not. It was a great opportunity for all young people to contribute to their skills within an intercultural dialogue and conflict resolution. They discovered that diversity is not a threat but a strength and they observed how to collaborate across cultures in creating music together.


10.000 people around the world came together during the EYE2023 in Strasbourg to share their ideas, experiences and to be a part of the policy making process of European Democracy. The event was held on two different platforms: the European Parliament and the EYE Village. After the participants completed the accreditation process, they were able to access both of the platforms. At 10 o’clock, on 9th of June Friday, the EYE2023 started with a fabulous opening ceremony which took place in the EYE Village. Afterwards, the opening plenary session in the Hemicycle at the European Parliament followed and gave the floor to the young people. It was a great chance as well as an unforgettable experience for all of us who could see the atmosphere in the gorgeous hemicycle. 


There were also various interesting panels, workshops, interactive and artistic activities at the European Parliament. As we mentioned above, YEU International organised one of the activities called “ WEMusic – Music for Social Change” for 2 days with many participants. During the YEU’s activity, different melodies from different cultures and regions were presented by the participants. The emotional pattern of the melodies has been discussed and one of the most known songs has been translated into the native languages of the participants by the volunteer participants and everybody tried to sing it together. It was a great moment to share our feelings with the melodies and the rhythms which we were taking with our hands. We would like to send one more time many thanks and love to our participants, our facilitators and the organisers of EYE2023 for making it possible. Apart from YEU’s activity, YEU’s Team was also actively involved in the other events during EYE2023 in so much that even one of our team member had a photo with the Ms. President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola who was elected in January 2022 and had an inspiring speech in the EYE2023 which was one of those unique moments for everybody. Moreover, one of the main highlights during the program was “Ideas Hub” which was next to the Hemicycle. It was a direct tool in between young people and European democracy so the participants could share their ideas and get support from youth organisations and experts from the European Institutions to develop further.


In the EYE Village, there were various workshops, interactive stands where the young people accessed a lot of  information about EU career opportunities and different opportunities such as the United Nations, a living library and many more. Furthermore, “Info Market” was also welcoming the young people in the EYE Village with many different stands from partner/youth institutions, who were ready to provide information and support such as European Council, ENTR, City of Strasbourg, JEF, ESN, TEJO, EUCA and YFJ. The participants had an opportunity “to be an MEP” with a virtual reality experience; with the European Parliament’s Web Communication team, they could brand their digital selves; they gained experience and developed a serious understanding of sustainability at “the Sustainable Parliament Stand” in the Churchill Building and they tried the living library in the EYE Village, where the books were people and reading was an actual conversation to learn first hand about experiences of discrimination and social exclusion for young people. 


At the end of the EYE2023, a closing plenary session was held in the Hemicycle at the European Parliament in order to provide young people the time and platform to make their remarks, take part in the decision-making process and express their ideas. After this inspiring closing plenary session, many colourful evening concerts and DJ performances were taking part at the EYE2023. 


We strongly suggest young people to join the next EYE2023 and to start preparing themselves! Let us give some tips to you… The next EYE will be designed as “local EYEs” in 2024 and the call will be open on 11 July. It is an even greater opportunity for young people because local EYEs will bring this incredible experience of the EYE right to your city or region so that all young people can share their ideas and get more information about European politics in their own language. 


One more time we would like to send our greetings to the EYE2023 organisers, WEMusic Activity facilitators and the participants. We would like to remind you that you can see the photos/videos from EYE2023 by following YEU’s website and social media accounts to learn more about the EYE2023 and WEMusic activity and maybe find yourself in the photos! 


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