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YEU’s General Assembly 2023 & Governing Board Members Elections(2023/2025)

The YEU General Assembly 2023 – Summer Edition was held online with the participation of most of our member organisations.


In this General Assembly, we approved the minutes of YEU GA 2022, updated our network on the organisation’s financial status as well as the projects implemented. We also had an interactive session where we organised three working group meetings to discuss the topics of inclusion, advocacy and capacity building within the YEU Network.


The GA started at 9.00 AM on Zoom with the participation of our Governing Board, Administrative Office, the Chair and our Member Organisations’ official and extra delegates. After the meeting was opened and identification of the Administrative Office, Rapporteurs and Chair was done, the procedure was explained and the GA – Summer 2023 was officially started by our Chair. 


The Chair explained the details, after the quorum check with the Member Organisations who were present on Zoom, the agenda explained. Then, YEU’s working groups started in the breakout rooms on Zoom where we had three working groups: Y – Inclusion; E – Advocacy; U – Capacity Building. Each group was led by one Governing Board member and one person from the Administrative Office. Also, each working group had a few questions to think about and discuss. During half an hour, Member Organisations and Governing Board were brainstorming after which each group presented the outcomes of their working groups. It was an effective way of sharing ideas and experiences.


Afterwards, the YEU Governing Board election was held for the mandate of 2023 – 2025. The digital tools and platform have been used for the election process effectively. Then, the results were shared with the participants. We all congratulate the elected/re-elected YEU Governing Board Members of 2023-2025: the President Tamara Cvetković, Vice-Presidents Yannis Tsilsou & Daniela Correia, and GB Member, Yagmur Asila for their commitments. Wishing them the best of luck on their new mandate!


We would like to thank all of our member organisations for their contribution and participation. Also, special thanks to our chair during the GA June 2023, Pete – Panagiotis Chatzimichail .


You can see our YEU family photo with great moments on our social media channels.


Stay tuned, stay youth!


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