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“GREEN LEADERS – Active youth participation vs global environmental and climate change” is a long term project funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. The project was implemented from 2012 to 2014 by Youth for Exchange and Understanding in cooperation with partners from five different countries: Belgium (Act4Change), Portugal (the municipality of Faro), the Netherlands (Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip), Turkey (Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı) and Spain (ESSER HUMA).

The project was designed to respond to the growing interest of young people and youth organisations for active participation in international projects on the European level related to the environment, climate change and eco-sustainability. The main aim of this project was to gather experience, information and knowledge on sustainability from different stakeholders such as local non-governmental organisations, municipalities and institutions, regional authorities, international organisations and non-organised groups of youth during several activities. In addition, the Green Leaders project aimed at developing a set of guidelines on how to reduce the environmental impact of events led for and by young people by creating regional networks of different stakeholders who will work to incorporate these guidelines in their local communities.

Throughout the two years, many different activities were implemented, such as training courses, job shadowing, seminars, partnership building activities and online activities. You can find more information on how each partner designed the activities and implemented the project, at the following link:


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