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The YEU PET Meeting is at the doorstep!

Between the 2nd and the 4th of February, YEU organises the PET Event in Frankfurt, Germany with the logistical support of the YEU’s Full Member Organization, Solijugend. 

Together with the PET(People for Education and Training) trainers and facilitators, the meeting will see the participation of the YEU President Tamara Cvetkovic on behalf of the Governing Board, the PET Coordinator Valbona Makovci, the Senior Trainer Berat Ezel, the YEU Secretary General Selin Gürlemez together with the  YEU Membership and Communication Officer, Chiara Veronese.

The two days meeting will be a crucial moment for enhancing the role of the YEU youth trainers in working with youngsters, according to the new Youth Work challenges and YEU projects and its objectives. 

Finally, the PET event is a good occasion for meeting with each other, team building and brainstorming. 

Keep up with our Newsmail and channels to know more! 


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