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Plan B – Strengthening Resilience of Youth Organisations

Download NOW!  “Plan B – Strengthening Resilience of Youth Organisations” was a long-term project that consists of several different steps. During the process, the aim was to prepare youth workers, educators, coordinators, managers of youth organisations to develop resilience strategies in terms of organisational and people management with a focus on supporting beneficiaries (young people, citizens, local communities in general) in the times of crisis. The publication includes the organisational resilience and sustainability strategies; and there are recommendations made by youth workers for youth organisations on how to develop resilience, boost productivity and become more sustainable.

YEU Capacity Building Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to support your organization to build its capacities, develop and become more effective. The toolkit discusses the definition of capacity building, as well as other relevant concepts. Most importantly, it presents a series of elements that can help your organization build its capacities.


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Exercising our rights Manual

2014 as the YEU Year of Innovation in Non-Formal Education (NFE) forms the context in which this project was conceived. YEU tailored the project placing social cohesion at the heart of its efforts, after realizing that such mobilization was necessary for the present social circumstances. Through this endeavor, YEU aimed at building the capacity of youth activists working on social cohesion processes in their communities, and simultaneously wished to make a lasting contribution to the non-formal education arena. This manual includes newly developed activities, tested by an international group of participants in their local communities as well as in international surroundings to ascertain their effectiveness in promoting social cohesion.


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Training course “Change Management in youth organisations”

The training course “Change Management” in youth organizations was designed for youth workers and youth leaders who are in leading/decision-making positions in YEU Member Organization and who have the vision to revive their organization and the active youth participation. This publication is the result of their work.


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Enter the NET – Digital competences publication

This publication has been created as an outcome of a project carried out by Youth for Exchange and Understanding International, called “Enter the NET”, in order to respond to the fast technological progress, to which youth workers need to adopt in their daily working life.


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Structured Dialogue from A to Z

Structured dialogue from A to Z is a toolkit both for International Youth NGO’s and NYC’s. This Publication represents the joint effort of several Youth Non-Governmental Organisations (YNGOs), which provides in detail, all the necessary information on what is Structured Dialogue, how young people can get involved in it, several tips on how to make this process participatory and efficient and all of this is present in a very youth-friendly way. We have brought together the experience of organizations that have been involved in the process for many years. This toolkit is meant for individuals as well as NGOs, and other receivers who are interested in the Process itself.


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Stop Gender Based Violence Now Publication

This publication aims to support youth workers/organizations to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV). It is based on a training course for youth workers that took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, from 9th to 16th February 2015. The training course was organized by “Jaunimo mainai ir bendradarbiavimas” (JMB – YEU Lithuania). During the week, the participants gained competencies to work with the topic of Gender-Based Violence in their local environment. With this publication, we want to share our methods and workshops, in order to help other organizations which want to work with the topic as well.


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Steps towards social entrepreneurship

The social entrepreneurship guide “Steps towards social entrepreneurship” aims to introduce its readers with the concept of social entrepreneurship and its surrounding features. It also intends to indicate the steps that (young) people can follow in order to become social entrepreneurs.


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Brave New You – Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The vision behind the “Brave New Youth – Breaking the glass ceiling” is a tolerant and open-minded society that perceives its differences as enriching power and distinctive advantage. Reaching out, getting together, challenging old and creating and disseminating new narratives for more inclusive Europe – this is “Brave new YOU – Breaking the glass ceiling”. This one-year project consisted of 3 international activities, local researches on hateful narratives, online campaigns and in the final stage this publication. During the one year process the concept was to build the capacities of the youth workers in order to enable them to work on developing the counter narratives and to put them in action.


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Sing for Your Soul – Music for Change

The vision behind the programme “Sing for your soul – Music for Change” was to inspire young people in order to work on themselves and their self-empowerment while, at the same time, learning about others through music, singing and interacting with other communities with the purpose to make a change. The main idea of this project was to empower people to be strong and make them understand that each one of us can contribute to societal development in their own way.


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YEU Quality label for Youth work and Non-formal Education

This publication was developed by young youth workers, volunteers and activists from the member organizations MO’s of Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (YEU). The project as a whole came under the project called The Wonderful Wizards of Youth Work, funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe (CoE) within the format of the annual workplan.


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Variety is the spice of life

This publication is the outcome of the project ‘Variety is the spice of life’ which was implemented by Youth for Exchange and Understanding and funded by Erasmus Plus through BIJ – Le Bureau International Jeunesse, French Speaking National Agency of Belgium. This publication is for youth workers, young people and youth organisations. The publication was written and produced by participants and the trainers’ team of the Variety is the spice of Life training course held in November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium and short term mobility held in December 2019-January 2020.


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ToTo – Training Of Trainers and Organizers

Welcome to our ToTO publication! You are about to embark on the short journey with us, participants and the team who implemented the training course ToTO – Empowering Trainers and Organisers from 06th to 14th of December 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. In this journey, we will share with you our learning adventure on the way to become trainers and organisers, tips and tricks on good cooperation we compiled after some interesting experiences we had while trying to form a team, useful theories, models and tools that helped us to understand and build our capacities to do our best to make a training a quality and meaningful experience for young people.


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Variety is the Spice of Life – Gender Issues Through the Stages of Life

‘Variety is Spice of Life’ was a one-year project that consisted of several different steps. During the one-year process, the concept was to build the capacities of the youth workers in order to enable them to work towards achieving this vision. This was done by exploring intercultural dialogue and gender diversity as a subject for their everyday work, the participants engaged in questioning current and promoting new practices by (re)thinking and (de) constructing cultural and gender concepts.


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An Exchange of Thoughts and Supports on the Topic of Cyber Bullying

Europe has become more cosmopolitan due to constant migration within the borders of a country or from abroad for many reasons. People sometimes get the false opinions of certain people or groups from unchecked media tools, and they tend to commit hate crimes or bias/hate incidents. When prejudice-motivated adults raise children, they inevitably turn into harsh bullies who cause discomfort and injury to their peers just because they belong to different ethnicity, language, race, nationality,
religions, physical appearance, gender identity, or sexual orientation. The aim of the project was to equip youth workers and educators with a set of competencies to provide support and work with young people who have faced hate and bullying for their empowerment and re-integration as active stakeholders in the fight against human rights, tolerance and understanding.


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Empowering Young People to work

This booklet is an outcome of the project “Youth work empowers youth to work” which was implemented by Youth for Exchange and Understanding and was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. This booklet is about youth work, youth unemployment and youth empowerment. It outlines how youth work can play a key role in empowering youth to get employed.


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Eurogames is a booklet that offers around 80 activities designed with an inclusive approach, focusing on the abilities of young people rather than their disabilities. The activities are marked with symbols defining their level of accessibility by participants with different abilities, including speaking, listening, sight, mental (emotional, behavior and learning), as well as physical difabilities. Seven main types of activities are available to be delivered, recreated, further developed and combined. These categories include ice breakers, energizers, group building, thematic, role play, simulations and evaluation methods.


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Guidelines on sustainability – reducing the environmental impact of youth projects and promotion of young people’s green behaviour

This manual aims to provide us with practical information and specific tips on how to reduce our environmental impact. As youth organizations, we continuously organize educational activities, youth exchanges, training courses, conferences, etc. Yet, all these events have significant environmental consequences and potentially harmful effects. The environmental impact is usually not put as a priority when organizing our events. This is expected since the curricula of our activities might have nothing to do with environmental issues. Yet, it is time to pay attention to them and try to organize activities based on the values of social responsibility.


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Guide on international teams in business trainings

This guide has been developed by a partnership of former youth workers active in international and intercultural projects. After moving to the labor market, they recognized a competence gap in the field of intercultural communication skills among business people. Typically, progress towards the negotiation of economically beneficial contracts was often frustrated by mistakes in communication and a failure to understand the different cultures of trading partners. This was visible in many countries. Seeing this, the project team decided to prepare a guide and share practical knowledge and experience with business representatives.


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Handbook “Difability”

In this handbook, we are going to use the term DIFABILITY, (which is the outcome of a project Eurogaming2010) instead of DISABILITY. The term comes from putting together the words: different + abilities. Our intention is to emphasize the abilities that these persons possess, not the lack of certain abilities. The purpose of the handbook is to increase knowledge and awareness about the different types of difabilities and how youngsters affected by them can be involved in projects.


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Innovative YEU

This publication is the result of the training Innovate (YE)U which took place in Belgium in November 2014. Its main aim was to equip our member organizations with all the necessary competencies (attitudes, skills and knowledge) in order to bring innovation to the work we do with young people. However, we don´t want to stop at the borders of YEU and so this manual, in turn, wants to encourage you to take a deeper look at your practice and see where you can make the innovation in your work!


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How to use new media and social networking in youth work for advocacy purposes

This manual was created during different training courses that were held as a part of the Open Campus project (in Zadar, Croatia, Warsaw, Poland, and Strasbourg, France), discussed in local communities and supported by experts. The manual is divided into several chapters: What is advocacy; Social media, Planning of campaign, Producing content, Networking, Offline activities, Results and eval­uation of the campaign. We have prepared also several annexes for you: Internet Governance, Storytelling, Liquid Democracy, Clicktivism.


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Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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