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Two more projects are starting: OMEGA and ESTIA!

OMEGAYoung Female Entrepreneurs stepping into the Digital Age – is one of YEU’s new projects, which officially started in 2022. It is a 24 month long project with 6 partners coming from Greece (The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute; The Lykeion ton Hellenidon in Veria), Romania (A.S.E.L. RO), North Macedonia (INNOVA LAB) and Türkiye (Woman and Young Entrepreneurship Centre Association). YEU as a partner organisation is ready to start to work on this project. 

The aim of OMEGA is to promote actions and exchange of good practices in the area of digital technology and develop the digital and entrepreneurial skills and ideas of young women in order to facilitate their integration into the labour market. To do so, the project targets both professionals (youth workers, trainers, ICT and digital technology experts) working with young women as well as low digitally skilled women and young women belonging to disadvantaged groups (i.e. women living in remote areas, refugees, migrants).

The kick-off meeting will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece on 10th of February.  ​​Stay tuned to follow the news about the project!

ESTIAPreventing violent extremism and against radicalisation in Europe through Youth Empowerment and Work – is another project of YEU, which was initiated in May 2022 and has 5 partners from Greece (Fifty-Fifty), Norway (Veksttorget), Romania (A.S.E.L. RO), Liechtenstein (Capital Youth Association) and Belgium (YEU).

The project has a total duration of 24 months; and  the kick-off meeting happened on 16th January where all the partners came together after a delay. The project’s aim is to address youth radicalisation and its associated use of violence – an issue of concern that is present across Europe and its neighbouring regions. Taking into account young Europeans’ exposure to realities such as poverty, exclusion, inequality and marginalisation and how it might affect their vulnerability to various radical influences, the project identifies the need to work with and strengthen the resilience of these young people. In order to do so, ESTIA emphasises critical thinking and ways to help them recognise the harm that violence can do to them and their communities. It does so through highlighting the value of youth participation as an instrument against radicalisation leading to violence as well as youth work’s role and mission to focus on young people’s lives, and contribute to their general long-term development and well-being making the topic an extension of general youth work, aimed at youth empowerment and community cohesion.

In order to achieve its overall objective to prevent young people from becoming radicalised, the project targets inactive second generation youth with migration non-EU background, associated stakeholders such as primary ones (local, regional and national policy-makers) and others (institutions as well as associations, schools, sport clubs, etc.) and the general public and media.

The first activity of the project will take place in Bucharest, Romania at the end of February, and YEU is sending  3 participants for the youth festival and NGO exhibition event.

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