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Unleashing the Power of Youth: YAHOO! Unites 12 Countries to Fight Hate Speech


We have launched the “YAHOO! – Youth Workers Combating Hate Speech Online & Offline” training course, bringing together 38 remarkable young individuals from 12 countries in the picturesque setting of Dilijan, Armenia. 

The project holded an objective to empower youth workers with essential skills, knowledge, and tools to actively support the younger generation in their battle against online oppressive narratives, propaganda, and hate speech.

Valeria, who was one of the participants, is from Ukraine. She was impressed by the training course:“Last Wednesday was our final day in Dilijan city,  surrounded by the famous national park in Armenia, where the representatives of 12 countries took part in the ERASMUS + project Youth Workers Combating Hate Speech Online & Offline. There were no classes that day. Our team became so one and we understood each other without words. Such a rare and unique feeling arose among everyone, despite the fact that there were about 38 of us. We were like one big family supporting and helping each other.  I know that each of us gave a piece of our soul and heart  to create such fabulous and unreal vibes.Location and a venue were unsurpassed. It not only encouraged the acquisition of new knowledge but also served as a place of relaxation.”

Barbora who is from Netherlands believes that even if the project has ended it’s not a goodbye, it’s see you soon:“Last month I had the chance to join the Youth Workers Combating Hate Speech Online & Offline training course organised by Armenian Progressive Youth in Dilijan, Armenia. 38 youth workers from 12 different countries gathered in this magical place and discussed the topic of hate speech. Through a range of activities, we learned various valuable techniques and tools we can implement in our future projects.

This training opened my eyes in terms of my privileges as an EU citizen. I have gained insights into the funding of non-formal education in the EU, I discussed how the situation looks like in other countries regarding the topic of hate speech, but most importantly, I had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with participants from non-EU countries. It showed me how enriching our teamwork can be, and that all of us are the same despite the political situation. And remember “It’s not a goodbye, it’s see you soon!”

The project was implemented by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO in collaboration with Jongeren voor Uitwisseling en Begrip (JUB). The project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union!



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