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Volunteering at YEU | Welcoming Caroline and Pauline

In September 2023, Emeline Dandeu and Camille Chesta started their French Civil Service in YEU. Over their 10 months volunteering experience, they were successfully involved in different aspects of the YEU work, from project management to campaigning and communication, by showing dedication, commitment and willingness to learn and improve themselves.

Now, as their volunteering period has ended, Emeline and Camille wish to share their experience to Caroline and Pauline; the new French Civil Service volunteers who  joined the YEU board this month. 

“We wish you the best of luck for your experience in YEU. You will have the chance to work with lovely colleagues, meet so many dedicated people and travel all over Europe. I hope you will enjoy it as we did. Even if you are only “volunteering” everyone counts in the team and working in the youth field it’s a wonderful way to implement activities and have an impact on so many people. Youth have the chance to shape the world as we are going to live in the world of tomorrow, which starts today, and enhancing youth participation is crucial.” 

Emeline Dandeu and Camille Chesta  – YEU Volunteers 2023-2024

Get to know the YEU office newcomers who will be part of our team for one year!

Caroline Altman, born and raised in Paris, recently completed her Master’s degree at Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Caroline’s academic background has provided her with a profound understanding of economic challenges and development strategies. During her studies, Caroline spent over a year in Cambodia working on the implementation of various nonprofit projects. This experience has deepened her  desire to work in an international environment. 

As a young European, she’s deeply committed to strengthening connections among the youth across European countries.Caroline is very enthusiastic to join YEU as a volunteer in communication, bringing her energy and creativity to the network, and contributing to the development and success of projects that empower young people and build a more connected and resilient Europe. 

Pauline Perrault grew up in a village near Nantes and studied in Tours for five years. She obtained a double degree in Law and Languages (English and Spanish) in 2021, and since September 2023, she graduated in European studies as a European Jurist. During her Master’s degree Pauline had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus programme in Jaen, Spain and completed a three-month internship at the René Cassin Foundation – International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where she worked as a Program Officer for the logistic and administrative organisation of the 52nd Summer Session. During her double degree, Pauline volunteered for two years for a local section of UNICEF in Tours in the event and communication teams.  She then volunteered for two years during her master’s degree for La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme (Human Rights League). Pauline has always aspired to use her language and law skills to improve human rights, a goal confirmed by her personal experience in internships and volunteering actions.

She is passionate about gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and climate change awareness. Pauline is a very passionate and dynamic person when she has to defend a cause that matters to her. She is very excited to start this new experience for a year alongside YEU and to begin her career. 

The entire YEU office welcomes Pauline and Caroline, wishing them the best in their Civic Service experience.

We can’t thank Emeline and Camille enough for the passion and commitment they showed during their volunteering period with us. We wish them the best of luck for the future and look forward to seeing them again soon!


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