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Welcome Irene | Meet Irene – our new Project Assistant at YEU

Irene Gonzales is the newest arrival in the YEU family in the capacity of Project Assistant. 

She was born and raised in the South of Italy. After achieving her school diploma she moved to  Milan to successfully complete a Master’s degree in ‘European and International policies’ and had her firsts working experiences in the Nonprofit Sector. 

During her studies she found out Youth-led activism, her commitment in local and national campaigns increased her interest in social and political issues as well as get her to achieve knowledge and skills in the Community Organizing, Campaigning and Advocacy field. 

Studying classic ballet for 12 years made her a determined, passionate and goal-oriented person. 

She trusts in the power of care, empathic communication and active listening. She stands for empowerment of minorities and dismantling barriers and discriminations related to gender, economic, racial and social status.  

Thanks to her numerous volunteering experiences in Greece, France and Croatia  she met people and cultures from different countries, left her comfort zone and enriched her cultural heritage. 

She speaks Italian and English fluently, has a decent level of Spanish and she is excited to acquire a good command of French as well. She is a passionate reader , podcast and music listener. On her travels, she likes getting lost in indie shops and local markets.

Irene is so glad and enthusiastic to be part of the YEU family and discovering what this new adventure in Brussels has in store for her! 



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