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WEMUSIC – The 1st Newsletter is out!

WEMusic – “Wide Music Education Network promoting international cooperation among youth for social inclusion, active citizenship and creating job opportunities” aims at fostering the cooperation between organizations from the Program and Partner Countries to promote the quality and recognition of youth work and non-formal learning activities, especially targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving the level of competences while ensuring the active participation of young people in society.
Through the WEMusic project, it is intended that, by using a non-formal education approach through music, the consortium will be able to empower young people with fewer opportunities and coming from marginalized groups to build on their self-esteem and actively participate in the life of their societies and communities. 

Furthermore, the project is creating a network of young creative minds in order to allow for the possibility of further involvement of young individuals and youth organizations around the world but also, through making connections and offering possibilities for the creation of content, creating potential job opportunities in the music field/music industry. 

Among the outcomes of the project there is the publication of some Newsletters. The first is now available, do not miss it! If you like, below you can download it!

In addition, next month the WeMusic Platform will be set up and available. Stay tuned to learn more!

WEMusic – 1st Newsletter


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