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We are currently living in a mostly digitised era where online spaces have a very important role to play in society, thus “WYRED” was created. It is an online platform that was developed by the University of Salamanca. The space allows young people to take part in conversations about important topics that affect them directly. The overall idea is to engage them in a structured online dialogue, where MEPs can directly follow what young people want and define their needs. This way young people have a voice and have a chance to influence policy making.

The project took place in the scope of the Horizon2020 programme of the European Union and possessed multiple partners like YEU International, Oxfam Italia, Early Years, Doga, PYE, Moves, Boundaries Observatory and TSF. The partners were key when it came to creating the space for young people to have important and relevant discussions about social and economical topics. Many young people participated in the discussions, whether in video calls or online threads through the WYRED platform. The overall dissemination and conclusions were drawn from the input of each young person that wanted to express their point of view in a specific field, share their fears and promote their activism.

Social media being a big actor in our daily communication, the WYRED platform was a perfect fit for young people to have a specific space to reflect, discuss and disseminate important topics with serious impact.

Link to the platform:


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