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YEU Cyprus presents: THE YURI HANDBOOK


After more than 18 months of intense work, the YURI project is coming to its end and we are extremely happy to share: “The rural-urban youth handbook for collective and green entrepreneurship”. 

Download it here:  

AIM: to critically address, with a hands-on practical approach, the overlap among climate action, social economy, and youth inclusion from a holistic, systemic, skill-building, and proactive perspective. It includes:

  1. the results of the desk research, 27 good practices, and interviews conducted by partner organisations;
  2. 30 activities to foster dialogue between rural and urban youth and 32 activities to facilitate the development of the competences needed to undertake social, sustainable, and collective initiatives through creative methods;
  3. a summary of the institutions, policies, tools, and funding that support youth entrepreneurship;
  1. and finally, a series of policy recommendations.

The objective of the YURI handbook is to promote inclusion and diversity, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, and climate action, by providing young people and youth workers with the resources and inspiration to:

  • Critically address belief systems, prejudices, and stereotypes related to identity in rural and urban environments.
  • Promote the development of socio-emotional competencies and skills necessary to successfully undertake social, sustainable, and collective initiatives.
  • Foster the political advocacy of young people to share and discuss alternatives to the current climate crisis from a perspective of rural-urban collaboration and collective youth entrepreneurship.

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 We hope you can enjoy YURI as much as we did!


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