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YEU CYPRUS: The SDGs in Cyprus – Between Challenges and Action

“The SDGs in Cyprus – Between Challenges and Action” was a conference organised and hosted by YEU Cyprus and European Solidarity Corps project “Youth for Action and Sustainability” (YAS!). The conference was held at Semeli Hotel in Nicosia on the 15th of June 2021 and was organised under three thematic sections, each dedicated to a host of SDGs. These sections were:

  • Environmental SDGs,
  • Social SDGs and
  • Economical SDGs.

Throughout the conference speakers representing the government of the Republic of Cyprus, NGOs and other kinds of organisations presented what were their experiences in their fields of expertise.

The overall aim of the conference was to promote and work towards achieving the SDG17 by promoting cross-sectional collaborations and partnership by connecting stakeholders at different levels and civil society. This was overwhelmingly achieved with ground for new partnership being laid and with participants actively engaging in the conversations towards the actions proposed to implement SDGs.


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