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YEU General Assembly – Winter Edition 2021

With 2021 coming to an end it was time to meet our friends from Member Organizations from the YEU network for the second General Assembly of the year. 

The General Assembly 2021 – Winter Edition happened online once again. Regardless, it was amazing to see so many of our friends’ faces and welcome some new ones into the group. 

The first point of action for this General Assembly was related to hosting YEU events in the coming year. The MOs got to know which events are happening in 2022 and volunteered to host the YEU family. 

Later, we had the opportunity to go over the work that has been done throughout 2021, including the results of the YEU Goes Green and Peacebuilding Working Groups, as well as the update PET Guidelines. Firstly, YEU Goes Green brought us the updated eco guidelines for greener and more sustainable organisations. The document gives an overview of the eco guidelines on four different levels: individual, institutional, educational and organisations. Moreover, it includes a checklist of good practices and recommendations for organisations, individuals and policy level.

The YEU Guide for Peacebuilding gives an overview of the international framework for youth involvement in peacebuilding initiatives and draws upon that to provide a guide on how to be a good peacebuilder. The document also lays down some points of action for youth organisations on peacebuilding and creating safe spaces for youth.

Finally, the updated PET Guidelines were presented. This document was developed to guarantee the correct functioning of PET, YEU’s Pool of Trainers, Facilitators and Organisers. During the General Assembly we got to know about the role of PET, the four different categories of PET members – organisers, facilitators, junior trainers, and senior trainers -, as well as the PET Academy, which aims to build and improve capacities of junior trainers and facilitators of YEU PET to successfully develop, run, evaluate and report different learning activities. 

Moreover, the MOs got to know the plans for the future of YEU, approving the Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, the new MO fee system, as well as discussing the YEU Academy and the new projects we will be working on. Regarding the Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, YEU will be focusing on five priorities:

  • Sustainability and climate actions as the overarching priority of YEU work
  • Priority I: Non-formal education
  • Priority II: Youth Work
  • Priority III: Inclusive Societies
  • Priority IV: Strong Youth Organisations

Lastly, during this General Assembly we got to welcome CGE Erfurt and SIT as full members of the network, as well as five new organisations into the YEU family. Our new observer members are: 

  • Ibtikar, from Palestine
  • WeOrganization, from the Netherlands
  • Tierra Techo Trabajo, from Italy
  • WeYouth, from Tunisia
  • Community Development Institute, from North Macedonia

We are happy to welcome all the new members into the YEU family and look forward to working with all. 


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