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YEU PET | Meet our November PET Members: Irene, Shams and Nikolina

YEU PET Campaign goes ahead with new members to introduce. 

Let’s discover more about Irene, Shams and Nikolina, the YEU PET members of this month! 

Irene Yerolemidou is a long experienced Youth Trainer and PET Member. 

Her first approach with non-formal education was as a medical student in the Public Health field. This experience allowed her to grow both as a person and as a healthcare professionist. Since then, she has widened her expertise within the non-formal education field, working in many multicultural and training backgrounds. Through the NFE method, she raised youth competences and awareness especially around climate justice, mental wellbeing, sexual and reproductive health. About her involvement in the YEU PET community, she is glad to be part of this reality which allows many youngsters to find their place, grow and acquire essential life skills. 

For Shams Sadigova, discovering  Youth work and non-formal education helped her to pursue her desires and goals. Furthermore, her participation in diverse YEU projects let her make many friends as well as motivate her to focus on her career in Youth Work and non-formal education. As a youth worker, trainer and curator, she seeks to make a difference both at the local and international level, by motivating future generations to raise her voice through Civil Activism, Youth Empowerment and non-formal education.  

Nikolina Bjekovićis a PET facilitator with an impressive trans-sectoral academic, personal and working  background.  She is a mechanical engineering student,  youth activist and youth worker, with passion for nature, travelling and photography. She has developed competences in the Project management, youth participation and non-formal education field, focusing on environmental, gender and peace building issues. She loves working with youth for the youth, thus she truly trusts in their capacities to inspire and lead change! What she loves the most about being part of the YEU PET family is the power of this network to introduce young people to many different cultures. 

Would you like to have more insights about the YEU PET World? Stay tuned on our channels to keep up with the next PET Campaign article and social contents! 



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