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YEU Strategic Planning Meeting

Brussels has never been as cool as it was during the weekend of 10-12 of September, when it welcomed some of our Member Organizations for YEU’s Strategic Planning Meeting. During this insightful and productive weekend, the MOs had the opportunity to participate in discussions about the strategic priorities of the network and the direction in which to steer the YEU family in the upcoming years. 

The aim of the Strategic Planning Meeting was to come up with clear and precise guidelines and concrete goals for YEU and this is why the active involvement and participation of our MOs was extremely important. “YEU is YOU” was our motto throughout the whole weekend, once again underlining the centrality of member organisations in actively shaping the evolution and the consolidation of our network. 

During the weekend, participants had moments of group and individual work, to thoughtfully identify their own organizations’ priorities, the topics in which YEU should work on to be closer to the MOs organizational values, and what should be done in order for YEU to complement the MOs. Later on, focus groups were organized to come up with specific themes, challenges and processes that YEU should tackle. Read the following article, to discover the outcomes of the discussion.

The Strategic Planning Meeting was led and facilitated by our dear friends Dragana Jovanovska and Matej Manevski, who took us on an adventure to a stronger network. In between the work, participants also had some free time to reconnect and have fun altogether, especially during the dinners-out in La Cantina Brasil and Amadeo. It has been the first face-to-face meeting after a long time and we can genuinely say that we really missed that! We would like to thank all the participants who gave their contribution in this intense and very productive weekend.

Click here to watch the 1-minute highlights of our Strategic Planning Meeting!



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