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YEU’s Candidates for the European Youth Forum Elections

This month, we are thrilled to announce that the YEU’s Vice-President & Treasurer Yannis Tsilsou and the Secretary General Selin Gürlemez were nominated on behalf of YEU for the European Youth Forum elections for the mandate period 2024-2026. Selin has been nominated for the Consultative Body on Membership Application (CBMA), while Yannis for the Financial Control Commission (FCC).

About European YFJ Elections 

This month the European Youth Forum announced the candidates running for the elections for the mandate 2024-2026. 

The European YFJ Board members are democratically elected every 2 years during the General Assembly and their mandate mainly consists of designing the whole organization strategy. The CBMA is in charge of the reviewing and evaluation of the potential YFJ new members while the FCC is responsible for the Youth Forum’s internal audit and finances. 

About the YEU candidates 

Yannis has been working for the last 9 years in United Societies of Balkans (USB), a local Youth Organisation based in Thessaloniki and part of YEU Member Organizations. 

In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in European and International Studies and a Master’s degree in European Youth Policy, which he combined with activism and engagement in civil society. 

What motivates him to be a member of the YFJ Financial Control Committee is to use his experience to ensure the transparency and efficiency of financial management, as well as to firmly believe in the ability of young people to strengthen cohesion and unity in Europe. 

With extensive experience in networking, youth-led advocacy and leadership, Selin’s candidacy for Consultative Body on Membership Applications arises out of her deep commitment in youth empowerment and engagement in decision-making processes, while strengthening cooperation into and beyond European borders. 

Her motivation to be part of the CBMA relies on guaranteeing the European Youth Forum inclusivity, while multiplying spaces and opportunities for youth to raise their voices and generate a meaningful impact on a global scale. 

 YEU is honored to be represented in the YFJ’s elections and firmly believes that its presence into the YFJ organizational structure would be an added value. We are very proud and we wish the best of luck to our candidates!



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