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YEU’s Statement on the Recent Events in Palestine and Israel: All Young People Need Peace at Home, Peace in the World

YEU's Statement

Youth for Exchange and Understanding International is an international youth organization with over 30 members across Europe and beyond, dedicated to promoting human rights, inclusion, intercultural dialogue and fostering peace through non-formal education.

YEU expresses profound concern over the recent escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the ensuing polarization. We firmly state that WAR IS NEVER A SOLUTION! As an international youth organisation, YEU consistently stands with ALL victims of violence and oppression – especially with young people.

We stand in solidarity with our member and partner organizations in Palestine, as well as all innocent people in Israel in the region. Regrettably, the on-going situation has affected us deeply. In our upcoming transnational music event, Palestinian youth, who have been part of the project for the past two years, will be unable to participate in the final event with their peers in the project.

Reiterating our stance on conflicts such as Armenia-Azerbaijan and the war in Ukraine, we emphasize once again that no peaceful mind desires war. Peace is priceless, and it is the only solution.

We are committed to working against discrimination, polarization, and hate. Our work with non-formal education methods emphasizes inclusiveness, diversity, equality, and solidarity. There is no place for hateful narratives and we will continue that way.

We call on the International Community to take urgent action to protect civilians. The European Union should actively contribute to the peace building process, provide humanitarian aid, and support victims on both sides.

Words and actions carry weight. Through dialogue and mutual understanding, we can overcome the seeds of hatred. We stand for positive change and “peace.”


YEU Governing Board and Secretariat


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