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Youth Work in Kosovo

At SIT, promoting and creating an equal society for all is a cause we truly believe in. Hence, we work toward promoting and creating a society equal for everyone regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and any other categories of identity. In order to do so, we tackle some of the most challenging human rights issues in our society that prevent us from achieving equality, peace, and development. That is why SIT after attending some of YEU’s training on youth work, realized that it is very important to build the capacity of youth workers in Kosovo and to create a network of youth workers in Kosovar society as well.

With the support of YEU, SIT started to implement the “Youth Worker for Young People” project financially supported by the project ‘Luxembourg support for civil society in Kosovo’, financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).

The “Youth Worker for Young People” project aims to build the capacity of youth workers on how to work with young people, how to integrate them into organizations, identify their needs, and create strategies for engaging young people in the community.

This project includes two three-day training sessions: “Exploring Youth Work” and “Young Youth Work Providers for Young People” where they will explore youth work by building their capacities and core competencies with a focus on developing four dimensions: attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Trainers from YEU came to Kosovo and held the training sessions. The project “Youth Workers for Young People” aims to contribute to building the capacity of the network of organizations that will be targeted and thus increasing the visibility of NGOs working with young people from Kosovo wide with non-formal education activities.

A three-day training full of productivity, knowledge, and of course, fun all over around with our wonderful youth workers has been held in December 2019! For three days we have developed our knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes on youth work and we planned for our next steps as youth workers for young people in Kosovo. We cannot explain how motivated our youth workers are to empower our young people, to promote youth engagement, to advocate for youth work recognition, and all this came from our awesome participants. It was just the beginning of a wonderful initiative that was coming! Our youth workers proposed to start an initiative to change the youth law of Republic of Kosovo on youth workers and youth work as well. Hence, we are still working on this procedure.

#YW4YP held the second training on capacity building of youth workers at the end of February. A lot of positive energy, engagement, and productivity followed us during the weekend, exploring youth indicators and methods. Day 2 of #YW4YP found youth workers sharing their youth work methods. “Strategic Planning of Youth Organizations”, “Who Are You?”, “No Means No!” – were just some of the workshops held today by youth workers. New friendships, behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, skills, and new initiatives have been achieved during these last months from youth workers of #YW4YP!

The last day of the training was concluded working on youth work indicators, identifying youth needs, the continuity of the network of youth workers and the empowerment of youth through youth workers. At the end of the training, we did not forget to say salute KCSF and Youth for Exchange and Understanding International – YEU too.

Thank you for your support – from Boga with love!

Njomza Berisha

SIT Kosovo


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