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Call for YEU PET members for the mandate of 2023-2024!

YEU is glad to open the call for YEU PET members for the mandate of 2023-2024! 

YEU PET (YEU People for Education and Training), is a platform of TRAINERS and FACILITATORS who have worked or who have shown interest in working for YEU International educational activities – training courses, youth exchanges, seminars, conventions and similar events. The main role of the PET is to empower, motivate and coach YEU members and Member Organisations.

For YEU it is very important to develop and reinforce the sense of belonging of PET members both to their member organisations and to YEU.

We also would like to work on the development of PET members’ capacities and empower them to be in the top tier of youth work and non-formal education providers around Europe and even the world.

If you are interested in being part of our platform of trainers and facilitators, run to apply. The deadline is on January 9th 11:59 CET.


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