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CID Activities

In the last period, Center for Intercultural Dialogue – CID has implemented several local initiatives initiated by the volunteers and the students who were participants of CID trainings and workshops.

One among them is the initiative for enabling a space within the high schools and reopen the youth offices. These youth offices are established in the schools for the students meetings for the extra-curricular activities. Additionally, this youth offices will also serve for students` gatherings between the classes, reading books, playing board games or staying there until they have a public transportation after school. It has been agreed with the people from the schools that, since September (with the beginning of the new school year), will be appointed two students that will do the maintenance of the youth office by being supervised by the school staff.

There have been provided the spaces in two high schools in Kumanovo i.e. Gymnasium “GoceDelchev” and the Gymnasium “Sami Frasheri”.

Another initiative within the schools is appointing a specific person that will be the link between the schools and the non-governmental organizations. This person will share the information for the extra-curricular activities with the students within the schools. The aim of this initiative is to timely share the information with the students and to provide a higher scope of possibilities for non-formal activities that the students bay join.

The schools that have appointed such a person are the Gymnasium “GoceDelchev” and the Gymnasium “Sami Frasheri”.

It was also initiated an exhibition for arts, where the high school students were painting on the topic related to the changes that they think are necessary within our city. They have been painting in several groups in the youth center MultiКулти. The exposure of the paintings is envisaged within a bigger outdoor event in front of diverse audience and persons from the local institutions.

The high school students were also doing a few murals on the sport hall of the schools “Vuk Karadzic” and “Naim Frasheri”. These murals were made in order to be covered the texts with hate speech. The murals are reflecting the youngsters’ ideas for building peace, cooperation and combating hate speech.


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