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COMING SOON: brand new YEU projects in 2022

2022 has begun and new thrilling projects are coming soon: here you can find out what brand new projects are currently in YEU’s pipeline!

  • PM4I

PM4I, or “Place Making 4 Inclusion – reviving active citizenship for reshaping the societies” is a 24 months project which focuses on empowering youth work providers and youth organisations by using the placemaking methodology and practices to ensure social inclusion of young people of diverse backgrounds in jointly shaping the local communities. 

Placemaking focuses on creating and transforming spaces to strengthen the connections between people and these places. The goal is to improve the well-being of local communities through creative, collaborative responses to local issues. 

YEU is partnering up with CGE Erfurt (Germany), Urban Foxes (Belgium), Aknow (Greece), Nabolagshager (Norway), Plaestel (Spain) and Sguardi Urbani (Italy) in this project, whose main objectives are:

  1. To develop the placemaking for inclusion competences framework.
  2. To co-create new and innovative tools, approaches and methods with youth organisations and young people with fewer opportunities.
  3. To strengthen the capacity of youth organisations for community-based initiatives and close cooperation with other local stakeholders to ensure the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in creating urban spaces for inclusion.
  4. To maximise the impact of the project in the development of inclusive urban spaces in all partner countries by including young people with fewer opportunities in decision making processes.


We are happy to be working on such an important topic and to be collaborating with these partners! We’ll keep you posted on all the new developments!


  • WeMusic

WEMusic – Wide Music Education Network promoting international cooperation among youth for social inclusion, active citizenship and creating job opportunities, is a 24 months project involving five organisations: YEU, Labirinto (Italy), BDK (Turkey), Cultural Club Ali Belhouane (Tunisia), ART Lab (Israel), and Cerebra (Bosnia). 

The project aims to: 

  • To increase competences and cooperation skills of partner organisations’ trainers and share common working methodology and tools.
  • To map the training and competences’ needs of the young people involved in project implementation with particular attention to those with fewer opportunities.
  • To promote peer to peer learning activities in Program and Partner countries, especially targeting young people with fewer opportunities, to improve the level of competences while ensuring the active participation of young people in society
  • To promote the setting up of a transnational music education network able to cooperate for increasing young people skills, competences, employability, entrepreneurial skills, exchange of good practices and networking as well as their knowledge about social inclusion and anti-discrimination issues.
  • To encourage international cooperation among youth organisations and organisations and professionals active in the education and music training fields.


All the partners involved in this project are committed to making it a success and looking forward to all the activities to come!


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