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Creativity Lab event

As part of the GamifyEU project, we organised the Creativity Lab event, consisting of five online activities during 16, 17, 19, 22 and 23 of February.

Young people such as workers, youth leaders and educators joined in. The objective was to create a space for them to discuss and develop proposals on how different Human Rights Education activities could be gamified online.

Through online tools such as Zoom and, they explored human rights’ concepts and gained knowledge on their importance. They have also gone through the gamification concept and its core drivers, and they have understood how we learn and the different learning styles of people.

One of the main activities was to try the new storylines of the platform. Participants gave feedback on the new games based on the EU Youth Strategy aims: engage, connect and empower young Europeans. Besides, they deconstructed the games to identify the learning goals behind each storyline. They applied this new knowledge by going through the creative process of developing scenarios for new games.

We hope this training will give them the tools necessary to use gamification in their local context.


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