Dissemination Event and closing of Brave New YOU Reloaded

May has been a very busy month at YEU, especially as far as Brave New YOU Reloaded is concerned. In fact, from the 7th to the 12th of May, YEU hosted in Brussels the dissemination event: participants got closer to EU institutions and gathered in the very heart of the decision making process, to present the results of the project and policy recommendations to make more inclusive societies.

The 5-day event was intense but very successful: after days of preparation, finally on the 10th of May we opened the door of Mandela Room, at Sleep Well Hostel, to welcome policy makers, experts, youth workers and stakeholders. After the presentation of the projects’ outcomes, participants presented the policy recommendations developed during the entire project, concerning youth work, youth welfare, opportunities and fundings. 

The event, moderated by our Educational Coordinator Valentina Antic, culminated into a very stimulating roundtable: three special guests participated in the discussion, Miranda Zavrou from European Commission and the European Year of Youth, Jessica Nguyen from European Youth Forum, and Ismael Paez Civico, from Center for European Volunteering. Thank you for your insightful contribution to the discussion and thank you to all the people attending.

From the 25th to the 28th of May, instead, Project Consortium gathered in Parnu – Estonia, for the evaluation meeting, warmly hosted by our partner Sauga ANK. It has been a chance to gather finally face-to-face, to turn back and see the great work done together. Brave New You – Reloaded is now closing, but its ideas will keep on spreading, as we will all contribute to build more inclusive, welcoming and open minded communities. 


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