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Enhancing Diversity Management and Inclusion in Youth Work – APY

From July 11th to July 18th Armenian Progressive Youth jointly organized a long-term training course with Life Learning Development e.V. (Germany) under the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. The aim of the long-term project is to support 35 youth workers, educators, and youth trainers from the EU Member States (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Romania) and EU’s Neighbouring partner countries (Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Turkey) in development of their diversity management skills and in learning how to implement a culture of diversity in their working environments by increasing diversity-oriented awareness in their work with young people.

The first stage of the training course took place in the city of Dilijan, Armenia. The program brought together 35 youth workers from 14 countries in Armenia to explore diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination. The long-term training course and its 2 activities are intended for youth workers, youth trainers, and educators who are ready to work on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination in order to activate the potential of diversity in trainings and work with young people both at national and the European levels.

The group of the participants was very diverse and most of them came from different backgrounds so the project started with creating opportunities for the participants to learn about each other’s backgrounds and experiences. One of the most exciting activities for the participants was the “Theatre of the Oppressed” where the participants had a chance to portray different scenarios of people being oppressed and bullied due to various factors and suggest options to solve these problems. The participants also enjoyed all the activities that helped them learn about discrimination more thoroughly and understand how to fight that in their communities as youth workers.

Due to the knowledge and skills acquired during the program, the participants will be able to transfer their knowledge to other young people on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination in their communities and abroad as well. The second stage of the training course will be held in Germany where the participants will get to present the results of the follow-up projects.


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